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by Primus on Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:55 am
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Scott Fairbairn wrote:
E.J. Peiker wrote:
A very thorough review of the 200-600 with lots of great info on how to use it, which cameras to use it with under what conditions and the AF system limitations of various Sony cameras with an f/6.3 lens...

I think that's the best review I've seen. It really makes me think that Sony needs to get an advanced crop body out there soon. The A6400 has great autofocus, but the form factor is crappy.

Scott, the new a6600 is supposedly better but not that great from what I've read. I was thinking of getting it for the reach, but not any more.

I just got my 600 f4 after trading in my 400 2.8. Tested it yesterday in the backyard, nothing scientific. 

What impresses me the most apart from the performance by itself is how well it does with TCs. There are now several images on the net with this lens and the 1.4 and the 2x TCs, all look good, but I had to see for myself. 

So I tried it with and without the 2 TCs. What is absolutely amazing is how good this lens is even with the 2x TC. I had tried my Canon 600 MkII with TCs and it was always a compromise, the image definitely degraded esp with the 2X.

Now with the Sony, I can tell you even with the 2X, it is perfectly usable, hard to tell from internet sized images, but even on my full screen at home, it is difficult unless I check the exif. Honestly, I am not exaggerating, but I had to look again to make sure I was not mistaken. 

The only thing I have not been able to check is how the AF would perform with the TCs and of course the need for more light given you lose one-two stops depending upon the TC used. 

The future looks very promising for Sony, I can imagine using the a7r4 with the 600 f4, add TCs as needed and then crop away to your heart's desire for the 'reach factor'. 


PS. I can post sample images

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