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by Greg Downing on Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:21 pm
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Greg Downing
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Changes coming to NSN:

The forums and articles section of the site, as well as the front page, will soon have a new design implemented and some new features added, with the first of several phases slated to launch late this coming spring or early summer.

After the initial phase 1 launch we will then begin to work on, and implement, even more new and exciting features, with a special focus on the image galleries, forums and other areas of the site, which get a lot of use and traffic, and to create a more fluid and cohesive browsing experience for members.

Specific details of what we are doing are not available to be disclosed at the moment, other than to confirm that we have already made a significant investment of time and money on a complete and comprehensive plan of action and on the actual work of implementation, both of which have already been taking place intensely for the last few months and will continue with progress each day.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for the continued support with your membership dollars, store purchases, workshop sign ups etc. We could not spend time and money on site improvements and feature additions without your continued support. :) By supporting NSN you're helping to build a better community and a better resource for all nature photographers.

Signature Lines: (a request)

One thing we would like to ask folks, in preparation for this impending new look and feel, is that each of you ensure that your signature line adheres to the current guidelines, which are posted in our "Terms and Posting Guidelines" where it states:

Signature lines are allowed one line for self-promotion of your nature and/or photography related endeavor. NatureScapes.Net® reserves the right to edit or request the member edit signature lines that are excessively long and/or distracting. Only plain text is allowed - no graphics, bold, enlarged or colored text allowed.

If your signature line does not strictly adhere to the above please do us a favor and fix it so that it does. This means one line of advertising, and no colored, enlarged or bold text. We'll probably be disabling the availability to use color tags, bold or enlarged text eventually, but for the moment we need to do it manually - so please help us out by making sure that your own signature line adheres to the above or we may need to change it for you without notice.

This signature line crack down is going to enable us to have a nice, clean and cohesive look when we do implement the new design, and there will be less distractions from the content of the forums and galleries.

Bottom line:

2012 will see a lot of changes for NSN, all for benefit of our members and supporters and aimed at takin NSN to the next level.

Thanks for listening!

Greg Downing
Publisher, NatureScapes.Net
Visit my website for images, workshops and newsletters!

by George DeCamp on Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:18 pm
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George DeCamp
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Sounds awesome!!

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