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by DChan on Thu Jan 21, 2021 11:50 am
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dpreview posted a comparison:

Adobe Camera Raw vs. Nikon ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D: Which should you be using?

by Ed Cordes on Sun Jan 24, 2021 9:42 am
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Ed Cordes
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Interesting comparison. While I am a Canon shooter, I still prefer ACR (Lightroom) to process my images over DPP. The interface of DPP is just terrible and non intuitive to me. I do go back and forth between Adobe Color and Color Fidelity picture styles. Some images are better with one and some with the other. I would assume many Nikon shooters also find dealing with the two different processes Nikon has is cumbersome and just use ACR or one of the other RAW processing platforms.
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by photoman4343 on Sun Jan 24, 2021 10:24 am
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I read the article as I wanted to see how the author would compare the three products. I shoot with Nikon and my first RAW processor was Nikon Capture NX2, the one you had to buy that came with Control Points or U Point technology.

I never have used Nikon View NX-i to process an image. I use it for viewing and culling images as it renders Nikon RAW files quickly and deleting can be done quickly. I do use NX-D to process some RAW images when I have tricky color issues. (I am partially color blind and find that the Nikon software is the safest way for me to make sure I do not screw up colors.). The current version of NX-D does have Control points in it that can be useful for some local adjustments. View NX-i has a very good slideshow feature that is quite useful for presenting images and displaying shooting data when needed.

I have ACR on my computers but just do not use it that much. I never have gotten comfortable with the way Adobe does certain things.

My main RAW processor is DXO PL4, Elite version. I find it a lot easier to use than Adobe products for RAW processing. For me it is not the best product to use for culling images as image rendering takes longer than Nikon View. DXO PL allows direct access to NIK Collection as does Adobe and that is a big plus.

One issue I have found with many software programs from different companies is the way they handle xmp files and Metadata. It sure would be nice if all companies had the same protocols for such things so this data got transferred properly.

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