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The 4 Angles of Success
by Steven Blandin | June 22, 2015
When teaching photography workshops, I often get asked to discuss the most impactful techniques needed to create excellent wildlife photography. I often tell them about the four angles of success: a triangulation of the sun angle, height angle, head angle and background angle. Continue reading »
Great Horned Owls - From Nesting to Fledging
by Robert Strickland | May 15, 2015
The Great Horned Owl begins nesting earlier than most other birds in the U.S. and by spring, young likely have hatched or are ready to hatch. Here, I share photographs and the story of one pair from the incubation to fledging of this cosmopolitan bird. This January 2015, Continue reading »
Macro Photography Lighting - Tips & Techniques
by Samuel Granger | April 27, 2015
Macro photography is a fascinating way to explore new worlds by seeing things from a different perspective. Objects that would otherwise by undesirable to photograph can suddenly become alluring and inspiring. However, taking good macro photographs is no easy task, and it is one of the most challenging photography areas to learn. In this article, you’ll learn some lighting techniques and tips that will allow you to capture an amazing macro photograph. Continue reading »