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From tips & techniques to location & gear reviews, to conservation issues.
Determining Composition - Part 1
by Ofer Levy | July 25, 2014
Composition is the arrangement of visual elements in the image. Successful composition should lead the viewer’s eye toward the most important parts of the image. It should help portray whatever it is that you wish your image to convey. Good composition is a crucial element of a great photograph. I have seen a lot of fantastic captures that have never evolved into excellent photos due to poor composition. Continue reading »
Creating Photo Art
by Ashim Dey | July 07, 2014
For the purpose of this article we will consider photo art as anything that has a digital photograph as its base and is created purely using software on a computer and doesn’t involve any paintings with physical objects. The photo art can then be printed on canvas or paper of the artist’s choice for further viewing and distribution. Why give your photos that painterly look? As I have been increasingly drawn towards photo art, I have pondered over this question. Continue reading »
Overcoming Creative Dry Spells
by Kyle McDougall | June 01, 2014
Creativity, passion, drive, these are all things that over time I’ve come to realize can never run consistently at one hundred percent. As photographers, we live creative lives with the next image always on our minds. We constantly strive to take our work to the next level. Both consciously and sub-consciously we analyze light, texture, shape and form throughout our daily travels. We become obsessed with golden light, to the point of becoming extremely disappointed with ourselves if we miss the “perfect” sunset. We get soaked in rainstorms, frostbit in the winter and devoured by mosquitoes in the summer all to get the perfect shot. It’s only inevitable that eventually we all hit a wall where picking up a camera all of a sudden becomes a struggle. The further I’ve progressed in my career and the more photographers I’ve meet I’ve begun to realize that we’re all the same. Our landscape photography careers all begin with a discovery of the medium and then we’re soon propelled into a driven, sometimes chaotic journey to learn as much as possible as quickly as we can. Eventually, without finding a proper balance, we crash and burn. I can truthfully say that there has been many times where I’ve just not felt like picking up a camera for weeks. Without the excitement and passion to go out and shoot, I know I’m almost guaranteed to bring home images that lack personality. Over the years I’ve learned/been given some invaluable advice about living a life as a photographer, and how to deal with/avoid the dry spells. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] New Beginnings[/caption] Continue reading »
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