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NatureScapes Photography Workshops
Current Schedule:
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Ultimate Iceland Summer Adventure - Iceland

July 2015 - Instructors: Greg Downing, Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson

Join NatureScapes founder Greg Downing along with world-renowned ornithologist and Icelandic photographer, Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson, on this once in a lifetime ultimate workshop in Iceland.


Hummingbirds and Toucans - Costa Rica

July 2015 - Instructor: Greg Basco

Led by Foto Verde Tours co-founder Greg Basco, this itinerary focuses on obtaining outstanding images of elusive toucans, various species of parrots and macaws as well as hummingbirds in flight and pollinating local flowers.


Madagascar - “The Eighth Continent” An Utterly Unique Island of Wonders - Africa

October 2015 - Instructors: Greg Downing, Iain Campbell

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world with over 80 percent of the plants and animals existing only on this island. Featuring over 150,000 endemic flora and fauna species it's one of the most incredibly biodiverse travel and photographic destinations in the world.


Ultimate Africa Experience - Tanzania, Africa

October 2015 - Instructor: Greg Downing

Join us as we travel to the east African country of Tanzania for one-in-a-lifetime safari. Featuring the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park, this safari boasts the best of Tanzania in a custom small-group setting designed specifically for maximizing photographic opportunities.


Ultimate Primate Experience - Uganda, Africa

November 2015 - Instructor: Greg Downing

Join Greg Downing on a special primate adventure in the African rainforest. We'll travel to the Kibale National Forest for a unique and fascinating opportunity to visit and photograph chimpanzees, then onto the Kibale Forest for mountain gorillas and various other possible primate species such as Colobus Monkey, Blue Monkey, Red-tailed Monkey, Grey-cheeked Mangabey and more!


Bosque del Apache - New Mexico

December 2015 - Instructor: Nikhil Bahl

Bosque del Apache is one of the most spectacular National Wildlife Refuges in North America. Here, tens of thousands of birds including sandhill cranes, Arctic geese, and many kinds of ducks gather each autumn and stay through the winter. At dawn and dusk snow geese erupt in an explosions of wings, flight after flight of geese and cranes can be witnessed either going to the farm fields to feed or coming in to roost in the marshes.


White Sands National Monument - New Mexico

December 2015 - Instructor: Nikhil Bahl

At White Sands National Monument, great wave-like dunes of gypsum sand have engulfed 275 square miles of desert, creating the world’s largest gypsum dunefield. Photograph this surreal landscape for 3 full days with Nikhil Bahl.


Quetzals, Toucans, Hummingbirds, and More! - Costa Rica

January 2016 - Instructors: Greg Downing, Greg Basco

Co-led by NatureScapes founder/professional bird photographer Greg Downing and Foto Verde Tours co-founder Greg Basco, this diverse itinerary offers the best Costa Rica bird photo opportunities possible. You’ll capture spectacular images of toucans, hummingbirds, honeycreepers, Green and Scarlet Macaws, and colorful frogs as well as some world-class landscapes.


Arizona DuckShop™ - Phoenix, AZ

January 2016 - Instructor: E.J. Peiker

Join NatureScapes' Technical Editor and widely acclaimed professional nature photographer, E.J. Peiker, for this exclusive Phoenix, Arizona DuckShop!™ This 3-day DuckShop™ will put you right where you need to be to walk away with breathtaking images of an array of ducks, waders and other species at some of the best hot spots in the U.S.!


Loons and More - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

June 2016 - Instructors: Greg Downing, Alan Murphy

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to photograph Common Loons, with chicks, at close range, as well as many other species that nest in the area. In an intimate small group setting you can expect to learn the techniques Greg and Alan use to capture captivating images of these birds.


Ultimate Iceland Summer Adventure - Iceland

July 2016 - Instructors: Greg Downing, Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson

Join NatureScapes founder Greg Downing along with world-renowned ornithologist and Icelandic photographer, Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson, on this once in a lifetime ultimate workshop in Iceland.


Workshop Testimonials
I have attended MANY workshops over the years, but no experience even begins to compare with the incredible Tanzania trip that we just experienced. In addition to learning more about life and more about photography, Dik and I had the time of our lives! We are huge Greg Downing fans! This was my fourth Greg workshop, but definitely not my last!
Patricia H.
Ultimate Africa Experience - Tanzania
After many years spent mostly as a “grip-and-grin” photographer for an organization, this workshop helped fulfill my wish to become more proficient at photographing nature and wildlife for a change, while having a good time doing it.
Ruth S.
Chincoteague Weekend Event - Virginia
I was very impressed with Nikhil’s knowledge and photographic skills. He has a very warm and caring attitude, is helpful, and an excellent leader.
James R.
California Coast - Big Sur and Monterey Bay
I really appreciated Greg's supportive approach and his willingness to respond to our questions. His knowledge and experience did not come across in an arrogant way, but rather gave us access to the kind of gains that we could hope to make in improving our approach.
Daniel G.
West Coast Bird Rookeries by Boat - Sarasota, Florida
This was an outstanding experience for us. There are three elements that are important to a workshop like this: location, instruction, and feedback; each stood out. This was an excellent location at a very good time of year. Nikhil's individual help and suggestions were always spot on and his feedback was honest without being brutal.
Guy C.
Great Smoky Mountains - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Great photographers are not always great instructors; E.J. Peiker is both. He offered suggestions and made himself available immediately to help with any questions or problems in the field. We felt he was there primarily to help the participants and provide a great experience.
Patrick P. & Carol G.
Arizona DuckShop™ - Phoenix