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Workshop Coordinators

Workshop Testimonials
I really appreciated Greg's supportive approach and his willingness to respond to our questions. His knowledge and experience did not come across in an arrogant way, but rather gave us access to the kind of gains that we could hope to make in improving our approach.
Daniel G.
West Coast Bird Rookeries by Boat - Sarasota, Florida
It was the best workshop I’ve ever attended, and there were only eight participants. The leaders were focused on making sure you got great photos during the whole workshop (not taking their own photos). I got more subjects than expected, improved my photo skills, and came home with a lot of keepers.
James W.
Quetzals, Toucans, Hummingbirds, and More - Costa Rica
This was an amazing experience. I loved learning so much from Greg and Jóhann and seeing this beautiful, irreplaceable place.
Beverly D.
Ultimate Iceland Summer Adventure
The Loons and More workshop far exceeded my expectations. I was so pleasantly surprised on how close we could get to the loon families without causing them any concern. It was pure joy to go out on the lake each morning and spend hours watching the loons feed and care for their young. I also enjoyed the afternoon and evening sessions with song birds and other species.
Loons and More - Kamloops, BC
I appreciate the organizational detail that Nikhil sets up beforehand so that all runs smoothly once the workshop begins. I also like his creating a friendly environment for all participants who were strangers at the beginning. His technical information is also very helpful.
Chuck L.
Florida Bird Photography Workshop - Rookeries by Boat
This was my favorite trip I have been on. Being able to sit on a beach with only the participants of the workshop and have a group of penguins stroll past was an unforgettable experience. Greg went above and beyond his duties as a workshop leader. We all discovered he is quite the short order cook, too!
Lee Ann R.
Ultimate Falklands