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Workshop Testimonials
I most enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the experience of the ice, glaciers, geysers, the up-close and hands-on with sweet and pretty horses, and being so close to the puffins on the cliffs.
Penny C.
Ultimate Iceland Summer Adventure
Thanks to the both of you (Greg and Alan) for putting on such a good workshop. I think that all the folks regardless of ability level got something out of the workshop. Also, thanks for being so flexible in getting people to the places that they wanted to shoot. Alan thanks for the setups, a cursory look at my photos shows that I have some ones that I will like very much. I know that Judy and I enjoyed ourselves - thanks for the fun workshop!
John Sturtevant
Puffins and More Adventure - St. Paul Island, Alaska
The trip to Lake Clark was a fantastic opportunity to photograph coastal grizzlies. The lodge, their guides, and the rapport Greg has built up with them over many years gave us great photo sessions at very close range, without fear of the bears. Rick, our guide, was incredible at putting us in the right place at the right time.
John G.
Coastal Brown Bears Adventure! - Lake Clark, Alaska
This was my favorite trip I have been on. Being able to sit on a beach with only the participants of the workshop and have a group of penguins stroll past was an unforgettable experience. Greg went above and beyond his duties as a workshop leader. We all discovered he is quite the short order cook, too!
Lee Ann R.
Ultimate Falklands
As I've experienced before with NatureScapes, Greg’s photographic expertise, teaching talents, organization skills, sense of humor, and calm demeanor made it an outstanding experience.
Eric W.
Ultimate Africa Experience - Tanzania
This was a wonderful experience! The leaders were so helpful and such good teachers. They gave us wonderful advice on settings, techniques, etc. As someone who was using a bridge camera instead of a DSLR, I greatly appreciated the fact that “the Gregs” were obviously concerned with my ability to capture good images. I learned a lot. Every detail of this workshop was planned perfectly. I can’t imagine a better photography workshop for the birds of Costa Rica. So many different opportunities were in the schedule—perched birds, birds in flight, and other wildlife. I think we were all thrilled that we saw the quetzals. Great trip!
Emily S.
Quetzals, Toucans, Hummingbirds, and More - Costa Rica