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Workshop Testimonials
The Ultimate Falklands workshop offered the best combination of location, timing, and leadership that I've experienced to date. Greg worked tirelessly to see that all details were perfect and to offer guidance to all participants regardless of ability level. He was always alert to those small details that make a big difference.
Paul S.
Ultimate Falklands - Falkland Islands
I have participated in several photo workshops and this one is the best of them all. Instruction was mostly one-on-one, so appropriate to individual needs based on skill level and photo equipment. Greg Basco and Greg Downing are the greatest! Big bonus: participants were excellent photographers willing to share knowledge. Wonderful group of people.
Joy H.
Quetzals, Toucans, Hummingbirds, and More - Costa Rica
After many years spent mostly as a “grip-and-grin” photographer for an organization, this workshop helped fulfill my wish to become more proficient at photographing nature and wildlife for a change, while having a good time doing it.
Ruth S.
Chincoteague Weekend Event - Virginia
Along with their expertise in photography, Greg Downing and Greg Basco have very good senses of humor, which can be particularly important when dealing with a variety of personalities among the workshop attendees. They worked very hard to answer all questions and to anticipate logistical problems and deal with them promptly. Jóse, too, contributed mightily to the quality of the overall experience, with his quiet competence and knowledge of the birds and other ecological elements.
Eric W.
Hummingbirds and More - Costa Rica
We went to the Falklands for the wildlife and to be with friends with whom we had traveled. We shared an amazing adventure in a barren, little known and hard to reach part of the world. We got all of that plus clear and patient coaching from Greg on many aspects of photography, camera operation and maintenance, and the secrets of Lightroom! Besides being a great photographer, Greg is an attentive tour leader and an excellent teacher. Despite some privations and close quarters, our trip never stopped being an adventure and a great learning experience, thanks to Greg's positive personality.
Gordon & Sarah H.
Ultimate Falklands - Falkland Islands
The Loons and More workshop far exceeded my expectations. I was so pleasantly surprised on how close we could get to the loon families without causing them any concern. It was pure joy to go out on the lake each morning and spend hours watching the loons feed and care for their young. I also enjoyed the afternoon and evening sessions with song birds and other species.
Loons and More - Kamloops, BC