Pantanal Photography Tour - Wildlife, Birds, Jaguars

Brazil, South America

Greg Downing
Photography Tour with Greg Downing
10 people maximum
10 days
On a special Pantanal photography tour, experience the best of Brazil’s diverse wildlife and unique habitat teeming with tons of mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Trip Highlights

  • Photograph the world’s largest tropical wetland, featuring an abundance of bird and wildlife species.
  • Visit Brazil during the dry season, historically the best time to photograph wild jaguars and large concentrations of birds along the riverbanks.
  • With a limit of 3 photographers per boat while searching for Jaguar, you will have access to both sides while having the freedom to move and get into position.
  • Optional trip extension to a special ecolodge near Rio in Três Picos State Park for even more bird photography featuring some really cool highland species!


Main Trip, 10 people maximum

  • August 18–28, 2021 (8 openings)

Optional Extension, 8 people maximum

  • August 28–31, 2021 (6 openings)

Cost Per Person (USD)

Price from $6,995
Full details

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Wattled jacanda © Greg Downing

Photograph the World’s Largest Tropical Wetland

Home to hundreds upon hundreds of bird and wildlife species, each day in the Pantanal is different within an ecosystem that’s filled with diversity and animal activity. This Brazil wildlife tour takes place during the dry season, which is historically when birds are concentrated along the riverbanks and in locations where there is still standing water. Visiting the Pantanal during the dry season is also the best time to photograph jaguars in the wild.

Each day you will enjoy the natural sights and sounds of feeding frenzies in the wild as countless herons, ibis, storks, terns, screamers, and jacanas vie with dozens of hungry caiman. If you’ve never been to Brazil’s Pantanal before, it’s an incredible wildlife experience you will never forget!

Caimen with prey in the Pantanal © Greg Downing

Extend Your Experience for Even More Bird Photography

After the main Pantanal photography tour concludes, you have the option to extend your trip to visit a special ecolodge near Rio for even more bird photography. At the ecolodge you will experience the thrill of watching and photographing dozens of species of tanagers, toucans, hummingbirds, and more—the perfect ending to a wildlife and bird photographer’s dream come true.

Cuiabá river © Greg Downing

Travel with Experts on Your Pantanal Photography Tour

Expert Bird and Wildlife Photographer

NatureScapes.net Founder & President Greg Downing will be your Pantanal photography tour leader for this trip, guiding you along the way with your photography and actively helping you spot the best photo opportunities.

Knowledgeable and Accessible Bird Guide

We will also have an experienced birding specialty guide traveling with your group, helping everyone photograph and learn about the diverse bird species you will see that are located along the TransPantanal Highway, rivers, and wetlands.

Experienced Drivers in the Fastest Boats on the River

Carefully chosen and experienced boat drivers will position your group exactly where you need to be to find jaguars and achieve the best photography along the Pixaim River, Cuiabá River, and surrounding tributaries. For this photo tour you will relish in navigating via the fastest boats on the river, with a limit to 3 photographers per boat on the Cuiabá River. 

White-winged swallow © Greg Downing


Day 1, August 18
Arrival in Cuiabá, Brazil

Our representative will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel for the evening. Flights typically arrive in the evening.

Deville Prime Cuiabá (D)

“On my first visit I was astounded by the variety of bird life in the Pantanal—most of them extremely tame and approachable, especially by boat. This is the best place in the world to photograph a variety of kingfisher species at close range without any set-up. I keep coming back and every year it gets better - really!”

Greg Downing

Large-billed tern in flight © Greg Downing

Day 2–3, August 19–20
TransPantanal Highway; Boat Trips on the Pixaim River; Wildlife and Bird Photography

Traveling south along the TransPantanal highway will yield some truly amazing photo opportunities. Some sections of the highway are lined with thousands of caimans and waterbirds as far as the eye can see. Yellow-billed and large-billed terns flit over isolated pools, offering great chances to practice photographing birds in flight.

We’ll arrive at our first ecolodge for lunch. Boat trips on the Pixaim River are undoubtedly the highlight of staying at this lodge. Your experienced boat drivers know how to get up close and personal with numerous herons (with luck both agami and boat-billed among more common species), sunbittern, sungrebe, up to 5 species of kingfisher, giant otters, and maybe even a Brazilian tapir. The lodge area itself is an oasis full of birds any time of the day, and feeders bring in chestnut-eared aracari, orange-backed troupial, grayish saltator, grayish paywing, and others. Note that on the Pixaim we use larger boats than at our next lodge (where we search for Jaguar) thus expect more people per boat - roughly one person per every two seats for photography.

The gallery forest along the river is difficult for photography, but you may want to give it a shot since it offers an escape from the blazing sun! With persistence and the help of your guide, you can spot great birds like pale-crested woodpecker and helmeted manakin, or monkeys including brown capuchin and silvery marmoset. With so much diversity to photograph, this location is a great opportunity to check many species off of your “must-see” list!

Pantanal Ecolodge (B, L, D)

Kingfisher © Greg Downing

Day 4, August 21
Transpantal Highway; Jaguar Photography

This morning during our Pantanal photography tour we will drive to the end of the TransPantanal Highway, making a few stops along the way in areas with lots of activity. We’ll arrive at our very nice hotel just in time for lunch.

We will enjoy five nights here in the heart of the best place in the world to see jaguars in the wild. Afternoons are the best time to photograph jaguars, and we’ll have our first outing after lunch.

Pantanal Ecolodge/Hotel (B, L, D)

Jaguar walking, Brazil © Greg Downing

Days 5–8, August 22–25
Private Boat Excursions for Jaguar, Wildlife, and Bird Photography

Each morning and afternoon we will board our private boats searching for jaguars. We have the fastest boats on the river! There will be a maximum of 3 shooting participants per boat to ensure you have access to both sides at all times. This process involves cruising up smaller tributaries of the Cuiabá River and watching carefully for any movement or signs of jaguar. The boatmen are experts at this and share information with each other. If a cooperative jaguar is found by another boat, we’ll try to get to the spot as soon as possible.

We also won’t ignore other photo opportunities, and should encounter sungrebes, black-collared and great-black hawks, scores of herons and kingfishers, as well as giant otters, tapirs, capybara, and possibly even other cat species during this part of our Brazil wildlife tour.

Pantanal Ecolodge/Hotel (B, L, D)

Giant otter, Pantanal © Greg Downing

Day 9, August 26
Bird Photography

After one last search for jaguars, we head to another ecolodge at the northern edge of the Pantanal. This lodge is a truly amazing place for bird photography—a new lodge for us this year but we are stopping particularly to try and get good shots of the renowned toco tuocan, the largest and most recognized toucan. They attracted to the lodges fruit feeders making close encounters a regular thing at this location. 

We will spend our time stalking the toucans and anything else we can find this afternoon, but also get a little time to relax if we want - tomorrow morning we'll need to get ready as that is actually THE best time to get shots of the toucans and other birds coming to the feeders.

Perhaps exploring around the property we'll even get a chance to spot and photograph the majestic hyacinth macaw!

Pantanal Ecolodge (B, L, D)

Hyacinth macaw © Greg Downing

Day 10, August 27
Bird Photography; Cuiabá

After breakfast you will enjoy a relaxing morning, reflecting on our trip together or getting those final bird portraits in - actually the morning is the BEST time to photograph the tucans around the lodge. After lunch we’ll head back to Cuiabá, arriving in the late afternoon.

For those not participating in the optional extension you may arrange flights out of Cuiabá late this evening or opt to spend the night in Cuiabá and depart the next day.

Those wishing to extend to Três Picos will spend this night in Cuiabá.

Deville Prime Cuiabá or flight returning home (B, L, D)

Wattled jacanda on riverbank © Greg Downing

Day 11, August 28
Departure or Optional Extension

Those not extending to Três Picos State Park area will board their scheduled flight for home today.

Everyone participating in the optional extension will take a flight today to Rio and then a transfer to a very special ecolodge lodge nestled in a beautiful valley where we spend the next 3 nights. The cost of the flight from Cuiabá to Rio, as well as all meals and transportation, are all included in the extension.

Guira cuckoo © Greg Downing

Day 12–13, August 29–30
Bird Photography at Três Picos State Park

The lodge we will be staying at is located just 2½ hours from Rio de Janeiro within the Três Picos State Park, tucked away in its own beautiful 20 hector private valley at an altitude of 3,750ft (1,150m). Surrounded by forest, the lodge sits in a truly special location and has its own trails, providing you with the opportunity to see many bird species within a short distance.

Birds are abundant on and around the grounds of the ecolodge. Our primary focus will be on photographing “set-ups” at feeders, where we expect many species of tanagers, hummingbirds, toucans, and more. We also have the option for hiking excursions of all skill levels into the Atlantic Forest where you will seek out and photograph more elusive birds.

During the Brazilian winter months (May through September) the fruit feeding stations at the lodge are amazing! Regular birds that often visit the feeders include:

  • Brassy-breasted tanager
  • Ruby-crowned tanager
  • Burnished-buff tanager
  • Saffron toucanet
  • Blond-crested woodpecker
  • Maroon-bellied parakeet
  • Plain parakeet
  • Crested oropendola
  • Azure-shouldered tanager
  • Sayaca tanager
  • Magpie tanager
  • Golden-chevroned tanager
  • Gilt-edged tanager
  • Slaty-breasted wood-rail
  • Great kiskadee
  • Green-winged saltator
  • Blue dacnis
  • Black-goggled tanager
  • Bananaquit
  • Blue-naped chlorophonia
  • Rufous-bellied thrush
  • Pale-breasted thrush
  • Creamy-bellied thrush

The hummingbird feeders can also be very productive attracting regular visits from:

  • Scale-throated hermit
  • Violet-capped woodnymph
  • Brazilian ruby
  • Black jacobin
  • White-throated hummingbird
  • Sombre hummingbird
  • Versicoloured emerald

Private Ecolodge (B, L, D)

Southern lapwing © Greg Downing

Day 14, August 31
Bird Photography Três Picos State Park; Airport Transfers

After capturing our last few shots we will head to the Rio airport for flights home. If you wish to spend the night in Rio, you may arrange that as an option and depart the next day.


  • All accommodations, based on double occupancy (single supplements are available and cost an additional $685 for the main tour, $215 for the extension).
  • All meals from dinner on August 18 to breakfast on August 31 (for those extending) including bottled water throughout (including chilled water on the boats).
  • Up to 10 separate outings on private boats looking for jaguar, with a maximum of 3 participants per boat on the Cuiabá river (boat is designed for up to 8 with driver).
  • Services of guides.
  • All photographic instruction.
  • Airport transfers to and from hotels.
  • The flight to Rio is included for those who opt for the tour extension.

Does Not Include

  • Round trip airfare to/from Cuiabá, Brazil (or departing Rio for those who opt into the extension.)
  • Fees for passport, immunizations, and travel insurance.
  • Visas (Visas are required for U.S., Canadian, and Australian citizens).
  • Airport taxes.
  • Alcoholic beverages or soft drinks while on the boat.
  • Laundry, phone, and other items of a personal nature.
  • Tips for the bus and boat drivers, lodge staff, and birding guide (may be arranged in advance).

Capybara portrait © Greg Downing

Dates and Cost


Main Trip, 10 people maximum

  • August 18–28, 2021 (8 openings)

Optional Extension, 8 people maximum

  • August 28–31, 2021 (6 openings)

Cost Per Person (USD)

  • Trip: $6,995
  • Extension: $2,495
  • Deposit: $1,000
  • Single Supplement: $685 (trip); $215 (extension)

Trip Details


Main Trip, 10 people maximum

  • August 18–28, 2021 (8 openings)

Optional Extension, 8 people maximum

  • August 28–31, 2021 (6 openings)

Cost Per Person (USD)

  • Trip: $6,995
  • Extension: $2,495
  • Deposit: $1,000
  • Single Supplement: $685 (trip); $215 (extension)

Single Supplements

Single supplement fees reflect our actual cost and are subject to availability. If you're a single traveler and we're unable to place you with a roommate, we will need to place you in a single room and charge a single supplement.

Travel Ratings

Easy Activity
Intermediate Photographers
Based on Land, River
Non-Photographers: No


Leaders and Guides

Greg Downing

Greg has been traveling the world teaching professional and amateur photographers for more than 15 years hosting his instructional workshops and...Continue reading

Photo Gallery

White-winged swallow © Greg Downing
Wattled jacanda © Greg Downing
Wattled jacanda on riverbank © Greg Downing
Southern lapwing © Greg Downing
Rufescent tiger heron © Greg Downing
Rufescent tiger heron in tree © Greg Downing
Rufescent tiger heron portrait © Greg Downing
Rufescent tiger heron, Brazil © Greg Downing
Ringed kingfisher © Greg Downing
Red-legged seriema © Greg Downing
Red-legged seriema portrait © Greg Downing
Pantanal river © Greg Downing
Pantanal river sunset © Greg Downing
Kingfisher perched in tree © Greg Downing
Pantanal jaguar © Greg Downing
Jaguar climbing tree in the Pantanal © Greg Downing
Distant sunset © Greg Downing
Caiman with prey, Pantanal © Greg Downing
Pantanal Brazil sunset © Greg Downing
Marsh deer, Pantanal © Greg Downing
Lesser nighthawk, Pantanal Brazil © Greg Downing
Large-billed tern in flight © Greg Downing
Kingfisher perched © Greg Downing
Kingfisher profile, Pantanal © Greg Downing
Kingfisher Brazil © Greg Downing
Jaguar walking in Brazil © Greg Downing
Jaguar in sand, Brazil © Greg Downing
Jaguar Pantanal photo tour © Greg Downing
Jaguar in Brazil trees © Greg Downing
Jaguar Brazil portrait © Greg Downing
Jaguar Brazil in the wild © Greg Downing
Jaguar in grassy area, Brazil © Greg Downing
Hyacinth macaw © Greg Downing
Hyacinth macaw in tree © Greg Downing
Guira cuckoo © Greg Downing
Giant otter in the water © Greg Downing
Giant otter © Greg Downing
Giant otter in the wild, Pantanal © Greg Downing
Giant otter with prey, Pantanal © Greg Downing
Giant anteater in Brazil © Greg Downing
Giant anteater portrait, Brazil © Greg Downing
Dry season, Pantanal Brazil © Greg Downing
Cuiaba river © Greg Downing
Crane hawk © Greg Downing
Cocoi heron © Greg Downing
Cocoi heron in flight © Greg Downing
Capybara portrait © Greg Downing
Capybara, Pantanal © Greg Downing
Capybara pair, Pantanal © Greg Downing
Capybara pair in grass © Greg Downing
Caiman on Pantanal river © Greg Downing
Caiman on a rock in Brazil © Greg Downing
Brazil sunset horizon © Greg Downing
Brazil jaguar © Greg Downing
Brazil jaguar roaming © Greg Downing
Black skimmer in the Pantanal © Greg Downing


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