Tom Whelan

Photography Workshop and Tour Leader

Tom Whelan

Tom Whelan is an award-winning nature photographer and naturalist who specializes in close-up photography of plants and insects, portraits of wildlife, and intimate landscapes. His images range from abstracts of natural designs, to butterfly portraits, high magnification images of ice crystals, floral abstracts, and forest and waterfall scenes.

He is a member of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, the North American Butterfly Association, and the Massachusetts Butterfly Club. His clients include the City of Aspen, Colorado, Trent University (Ontario), the North American Butterfly Association, the Boston Museum of Science, and others.

Tom’s photographs have won awards in competitions sponsored by the National Wildlife Foundation and the North American Butterfly Association.

Visit his website at: www.WhelanPhoto.com or his blog at tomwhelan.wordpress.com.

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