Paulo Valerio

Photography Workshop and Tour Leader

Paulo Valerio

Paulo Valerio is an amateur nature and outdoor photographer, very interested in macro and wildlife. He has also started working in other areas of photography, such as landscape, black and white, and studio. He is also an avid birdwatcher. Paulo’s photos have been published in Outdoor Photographer and other magazines.

Costa Rican born and raised, Paulo graduated as a tropical ecologist from the Biology School of the National University, where he also worked in the Soil and Hydrology Lab. During his graduate studies, he specialized in the development of sampling and research methods for high-flying bats in the rainforest canopy. Involved with ecotourism since 1992, Paulo has worked as a naturalist guide and field instructor for several companies, and developed and directed field study programs for the National Learning Institute (INA) in Costa Rica and universities in the United States, including Nassau Community College in New York, Pepperdine University in California (where he was an associate professor), and Auburn University in Alabama.

He has taught tropical ecology courses and workshops at the One Earth One People international events, organized by the Woodleaf Outdoor School and Foundation in California, and lectured at several events, such as NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) conventions and bird festivals in the U.S. Lately, Paulo has been collaborating in group leader training and customer service, not only in Costa Rica, but with leaders from other Latin American countries, including Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Paulo has combined his travels with his photography and also decided to pursue a long time interest and passion by earning his PhD in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

To see more of Paulo’s work, visit his website at www.ArtNaturePhoto.com.

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