Jan Post

Photography Workshop and Tour Leader

Jan Post

Jan was born in 1972 in Hoorn, a small town near the west coast of the Netherlands. Growing up in that part in of Holland means sailing, surfing, or cycling, which are still some of Jan’s favorite activities today. During his studies in Amsterdam and having trouble to find the right study, he discovered a passion for gastronomy and worked as a chef in various high-end restaurants. The call of nature took him eventually to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea while crewing private sailing yachts as a chef and mate. On the yachts he picked up an interest for scuba diving and became a dive instructor. It was not until much later that he ended up in the Galápagos Islands and never left.

Jan has worked for ten years on yachts throughout the Galápagos as a naturalist guide both underwater and on land. What he likes most about being a naturalist is you never stop learning and thus wondering. He is very interested in zoology, oceanography, geology, and biogeography. Ecuador, with its biodiversity, active volcanoes, and many cultures, is a fantastic base for a naturalist and Jan is confident that it will spark many more fields of interest in years to come.

At home you will find Jan baking bread or pastry with one of his daughters, in his garden, or on one of his surfboards trying to catch a wave.

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