Alan Murphy

Photography Workshop and Tour Leader

Alan Murphy

Alan Murphy, an award winning photographer, grew up in England and is an avid birder. Upon immigrating to the States Alan picked up a camera and began pursuing his vision of how birds should be photographed. Alan has developed a style that is very recognizable with stunning portraits of birds on beautiful perches. Alan turned a full time professional bird photographer a few years ago and is now in demand to speak at festivals, conferences and photography clubs around the nation. Alan is the Author of an ebook called Alan Murphy’s Guide to Songbird Set-up Photography which has sold thousands of copies and has helped many photographers learn how to take better photographs of birds.

Alan teaches his techniques around the nation through his highly successful in-the-field workshops with small groups. If Alan is not in the field taking images, then he is busy submitting images to many magazines. His published credits include National Geographic, Birders World, Wildbird, Birding, and many more.

Visit Alan’s web site at www.AlanMurphyPhotography.com.

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