Iceland Winter Photography Tour

Iceland, Europe

Nikhil Bahl
Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Photography Tour with Nikhil Bahl and Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
6 people maximum
11 days
Capture breathtaking images on an Iceland winter photo tour, photographing the beauty of a true winter wonderland. March is the perfect time to photograph and witness the Aurora Borealis, along with dazzling ice caves, glaciers, frozen waterfalls, snow-covered mountains, and winter bird species.

Trip Highlights

  • Visit one of the most spectacular locations for winter photography in the world.
  • Tour Iceland during a historically favorable timeframe for seeing the Aurora Borealis.
  • Photograph winter birds, stunning ice caves, frozen waterfalls, and other incredible winter landscapes with a small group of photographers like you.
  • Flexible itinerary ensures plans can be changed based on weather and you can spend more time at the best locations.
  • Enjoy 1 full intensive day at ice caves plus another half less intensive day.
  • Photographing ice caves are an incredible experience for which we have chosen one of the most reputable companies to guide us.
  • As an added bonus, you’ll be transported by one of the coolest, most customized four-wheel drive vehicles you could ever imagine!


Main Trip, 6 people maximum

  • March 1–12, 2020 (5 openings)

Cost Per Person (USD)

Price from $7,495
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Aurora Borealis, Iceland © Nikhil Bahl

Experience the Beauty and Charm of Iceland’s Natural Wonders

This 11-day Iceland winter photo tour takes place during the best season for winter photography in the country. The perfect balance of daylight hours will allow us enough time to visit the best locations and have historically favorable opportunities for capturing the Aurora Borealis. The weather during this time will be unpredictable with no guarantees, thus during your 11-day tour you’ll likely experience sunshine, snow, rain, wind, and everything else in between. Iceland’s dramatic weather creates fantastic photo opportunities for outdoor photographers. While intense winter storms may limit where we can go, creativity is unstoppable so be ready for anything this adventure may bring! The itinerary has been planned in advance to be flexible—that way we can change plans according to the weather and not be rushed at your favorite locations.

Ice cave hiker © Nikhil Bahl

Iceland Winter Photo Tour of a Lifetime

Our Iceland winter photo tour is an extensive photographic mission that coincides with the best timing for Iceland winter photography. You will also have local guide Jóhann and professional photographer Nikhil to enhance your experience. Jóhann is a very experienced guide and his local knowledge is second to none. He will also act as the driver for this trip. Nikhil will always be there to help you take the best photographs at different locations. With Jóhann and Nikhil you have a team that will take care of all your needs. All you have to do is go along for the ride, enjoy the sights, and take great photos! Since you’ll be traveling with a small group, this Iceland winter tour is an unbeatable value.

“I most enjoyed seeing the ice caves and aurora borealis. Nikhil and Jóhann were excellent tour leaders. They were very accommodating and excellent at helping when needed.”

Brad W.


Day 1, March 1
Arrival in Iceland

You will arrive in Reykjavík and check into the hotel. No activities are planned for this day other than a meet-and-greet and review for the coming days. Since most participants arrive during morning hours, early check-in times can be requested. There is plenty to do around town within reasonable walking distance of the hotel and we’d be happy to make suggestions if you wish to venture out this day.

Day 2, March 2
Waterfalls, Sea Stacks, and Black Sand Beach

At dawn you will leave Reykjavík and head east at the south coast. On the way there you will photograph some astonishing waterfalls (Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss), as well as Dyrhólaey sea stack and Reynisfjara black sand beach. Overnight at local hotel.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson

Day 3–5, March 3–5
Basalt Formations, Lava Fields, Glaciers, Ice Caves, Aurora Borealis

Wake up early and start your day with photography at first light on the beach of Reynisfjara, featuring columnar basalt formations and the Reynisdrangar rocks standing in the sea. You will then head east, spending time photographing the great lava fields from the 1783 Laki eruption, keeping on to the Vatnajökull region. Vatnajökull is the largest glacier or ice cap outside the polar areas in Europe.

You will spend 3 nights at a beautiful farm near the Glacier Lagoon. From our base we will explore the numerous glaciers in the area and make visits to the iceberg graveyard, where waves toss up ice from the glacial lagoon onto the black beach. You will also get to venture into the dreamlike world of ice caves. This area is all about ice and we are hoping for clear nights and Aurora Borealis activity.

Aurora Skorradalur © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson

Lava field © Nikhil Bahl

Day 6, March 6
Landscapes, Mountains, Villages

On this day you will head further eastward, passing some picturesque landscapes like Mt. Vesturhorn. The east coast boasts of long, narrow fjords with steep sides and jagged mountain peaks as well as picturesque fishing villages. This is an area with reindeer and we hope to find some on the way. Overnight in the fishing town of Fáskrúðsfjörður.

Mountains and ice © Nikhil Bahl

Day 7–9, March 7–9
Mountains, Geothermal Areas, Landscapes, Waterfalls, Birds

From here we will make our way north to Lake Mývatn, passing through large wilderness areas where you see nothing but hills and mountains as far as your eye can see. We will be based at a beautiful hotel near the lake for 3 nights.

From our base in Mývatn, you’ll have the opportunity to explore geothermal areas and the snow-covered volcanic landscape around the lake. This area features unique lava formations, craters, and the largest pseudo craters in the world. You’ll also visit major waterfalls up north such as Goðafoss. If snow conditions allow, you will also visit Aldeyjarfoss and Dettifoss. Parts of the lake and River Laxá are always open, and flocks of Barrow’s goldeneyes, common mergansers, whooper swans, and even a few harlequin ducks can be photographed. Gyrfalcon, rock ptarmigan, and snow bunting are all potential species for winter bird photography.

Geothermal hverarond © Nikhil Bahl

Day 10, March 10
Landmark Basalt Stack Hvítserkur and Horses

After staying in the northeast you’ll head west along the northern coast through the town of Akureyri, spending a night in close proximity to the famous landmark Hvítserkur. This area is famous for horse farming, making it the perfect place to photograph horses while they are kept outside in the winter.

Horses in snow © Nikhil Bahl

Day 11, March 11
Mountains, Sea Stacks, Horses, Waterfalls

Weather permitting, you will spend the day in the beautiful area of Snæfellsnes peninsula, photographing the beautiful coastal line, mountains, sea stacks, horses, and whatever else we find interesting on both sides of the peninsula. The famous Kirkjufell mountain and the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall is on this route. We may also visit Hraunfossar and some other sites in the Borgarfjörður area depending on how much time we have. Overnight in Reykjavík.

Waterfall sunset © Nikhil Bahl

Day 12, March 12
Departure from Iceland

Depart for home. Flight times vary.


  • All lodging for 11 nights (based on double occupancy).
  • Transportation and fuel.
  • Guide services throughout.
  • Breakfast

Does Not Include

  • Flights to and from Iceland.
  • Meals other than breakfast.
  • Snacks between meals, beverages, and any items purchased.
  • Gratuities

Dates and Cost


Main Trip, 6 people maximum

  • March 1–12, 2020 (5 openings)

Cost Per Person (USD)

  • Trip: $7,495
  • Deposit: $1,000
  • Single Supplement: $1,275

Trip Details


Main Trip, 6 people maximum

  • March 1–12, 2020 (5 openings)

Cost Per Person (USD)

  • Trip: $7,495
  • Deposit: $1,000
  • Single Supplement: $1,275

Single Supplements

Single supplement fees reflect our actual cost and are subject to availability. If you're a single traveler and we're unable to place you with a roommate, we will need to place you in a single room and charge a single supplement.


Leaders and Guides

Nikhil Bahl

Nikhil Bahl is a full time professional photographer, author, educator, workshop instructor and environmentalist residing in the Washington D.C....Continue reading

Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson

Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson, is a leading authority on the birds of Iceland and one of the country’s most experienced bird photographers. He has written...Continue reading

Photo Gallery

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Opnur, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Jokulsarlon, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Hverfjall, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Jverfjall, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Hreindyr, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Gullfoss, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Foss a Sidu, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Belgjarfjall, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Aurora Thingvv, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Aurora Thingvv, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Aurora Skorradalur, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Aurora Jokulsarlon, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
Aurora Hnappad, Iceland © Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson
White horses in snow © Nikhil Bahl
White horse closeup © Nikhil Bahl
Waterfall sunset © Nikhil Bahl
Vestrahorn pano © Nikhil Bahl
Vehicle mountain pass © Nikhil Bahl
Svartifoss pano © Nikhil Bahl
Sunrise mountain top © Nikhil Bahl
Snow mountain © Nikhil Bahl
Seljalandsfoss ice © Nikhil Bahl
Sea stacks vik © Nikhil Bahl
Sea stacks vik sunset © Nikhil Bahl
Mountain with dramatic light © Nikhil Bahl
Mountains and ice © Nikhil Bahl
Lava field © Nikhil Bahl
Lake Myvatn © Nikhil Bahl
Kirkyufell © Nikhil Bahl
Jokulsarlon lagoon © Nikhil Bahl
Icy waterfall and tourist © Nikhil Bahl
Icy svartifoss © Nikhil Bahl
Icelandic horse in snow © Nikhil Bahl
Ice rainbow © Nikhil Bahl
Ice at jokulsarlon beach © Nikhil Bahl
Jokulsarlon beach sculptural ice © Nikhil Bahl
Jokulsarlon beach ice with lighting © Nikhil Bahl
Ice jokulsarlon beach isolated © Nikhil Bahl
Ice jokulsarlon beach black and white © Nikhil Bahl
Ice cave © Nikhil Bahl
Ice cave starburst © Nikhil Bahl
Ice cave photographer © Nikhil Bahl
Ice cave hiker © Nikhil Bahl
Ice cave hiker in distance © Nikhil Bahl
Ice cave hiker in dark © Nikhil Bahl
Ice cave abstract © Nikhil Bahl
Horses in snow © Nikhil Bahl
Horse pair in snow © Nikhil Bahl
Hoar frost © Nikhil Bahl
Hoar frost lake myvatn © Nikhil Bahl
Hoar frost detail © Nikhil Bahl
Grass black sand vestrahorn © Nikhil Bahl
Grass black sand vestrahorn pattern © Nikhil Bahl
Godafoss © Nikhil Bahl
Godafoss waterfall © Nikhil Bahl
Geothermal hverarond © Nikhil Bahl
Geothermal hverarond closeup © Nikhil Bahl
Frosted grass © Nikhil Bahl
Detifoss waterfall © Nikhil Bahl
Backlit falling snow © Nikhil Bahl
Aurora borealis © Nikhil Bahl
Aurora borealis Lake Myvatn © Nikhil Bahl


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