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I am a worldwide bird guide and photography guide. I regard myself as a global birder, a very good naturalist, and an OK photographer. I do not run workshops, but rather tours to where the animals are, get them to you, and make sure that you get the shot. I enjoy the fact that I often guide photographers who are much better than me, and take pride in having clients leave Tropical Birding tours with spectacular shots of fantastic animals.

The main areas I work are Ecuador, Australia, SE Asia, India, Brazil and Madagascar. I live in Ecuador and built Tandayapa Bird Lodge for nature photographers and birders.

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Pacific Loon A84X0579 LOW.jpg
Harbour Seal LOW  lA84X2202.jpg
Hi there Harbor Sel
1 Green-crowned Woodnymph IMG_5120.jpg
Green-crowned Woodnymph
Magnolia Warbler
Nashville Warbler
northern oriole.jpg
Northern Oriole
palm warbler2.jpg
Palm Warbler