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Mitchell has had a love of nature, photography and the world around him from a very young age. He tinkered with photography for many years and four years ago started to take things a lot more seriously. Mitchell is a self trained photographer and his passion for the natural world around him consistently shines through in his photographic images.

Mitchell has achieved local and international acclaim with his captivating and breath taking images and has received a variety of commendations and awards in local and international photographic competitions and photography salons.

Mitchell's images have appeared and continue to appear in numerous local and international magazines and he publishes his works on numerous internet photography forums and online communities where he is regularly featured.

Mitchell regularly contributes photography articles and images to photographic and lifestyle magazines as well as media outlets and various web sites. Mitchell is often approached by authors requesting images for inclusion into their books and publications and he has had several South African artist's commission his works. He also has images licensed exclusively to major local and international advertising campaigns.

While he is a multi talented photographer his true passion shines through in his unique, fascinating and timeless landscape and stormscape images and he is continually raising the bar. His second biggest passion is his wildlife and avian photography.

Contact Information

Please contact me via - http://www.livingcanvas.co.za/contact-mitchell-krog-living-canvas-photography/ as I do not often check PM inboxes from forums.



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