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Photography always fascinated me - my first camera was a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, purchased from the proceeds of collecting beer bottles when I was twelve years old.

While in school and university in the fifties, money wasn't readily available for "luxuries", so photography wasn't affordable until the early sixties when a full time job would pay for an Olympus rangefinder, soon followed by a Pentax S, a Pentax SV, and a Canon A-1.

With the financial means to acquire better equipment and the attraction of digital photography, 2006 became the year of photography rebirth with the acquisition of a Canon 30D and assorted lenses and accessories. A Canon 5DII was added in 2009 to expand the scope of landscape photography.

Landscape photography was my primary interest until the addition of a macro lens opened up the world of seeing flowers up close where so few venture. The most recent addition (2011) is a TS lens that will open up additional possibilities.

Latest Additions

Western Red Lily~0.jpg
Western Red Lily (Saskatchewan's Floral Emblem)
Tulip Buds
Red Berries
Unidentified Lily on Black
White Tulip
Yellow Flag Lily Seed Pods
Orange and Yellow Two
Orange and Yellow