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I am originally from Maryland, where I grew up near the mountains (and graduated from the University of Maryland – Go Terps!). Our farm was essentially a wildlife preserve, since we allowed no hunting, and throughout the year we had deer, fox, nesting geese, and birds of all types. It is that backdrop which fueled my interest in nature. I have worked in both state parks and zoos, caring for animals and the environment. As a child, I was always interested in art and in school I took every art class that was available.

After I got married and we had a son, we moved to Florida. It is here that I was able to return to two things I missed, art and nature. Nature Photography was the perfect meld of the two for me.

As an avid outdoorsman, I will hike my gear into the muddiest, buggiest, hottest, most humid, unforgiving places Florida has to offer. Because even in those places there is beauty that the most people never get to see and I hope my work helps others understand and appreciate those places so that they can help protect them before they are gone.

So for now, the short version is that I am a husband, dad, and nature photographer. Three titles I love having.

Contact Information

Jason Hahn

(813) 956 8706

Land O' Lakes, Florida

Ordering: orders@jasonhahn.com
General Information: info@jasonhahn.com



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spoonbill_alafia_022307_016 copy_750px.jpg
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Pine Glades Lake
Northern Harrier Diving
In Mom's Shadow - Sandhill Crane chick
Female Snail Kite with Talons Outstretched
Marbled Godwit with Crab