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Andy Biggs is an avid adventurer, teacher, and landscape photographer whose photography celebrates the African landscape and its rich wildlife, people, and culture. With a deep respect and understanding for African wildlife, Andy unfolds the world of the Serengeti onto our doorstep with breathtaking accuracy and striking emotional depth. His photographic safaris allow the traveler to not only enhance their understanding of photography, lighting, and wildlife, but to develop a life-long admiration for Africa 's beauty and culture.

Andy spends a few months each year in Tanzania, the 'home of the safari', to teach workshops and to share his enjoyment of the wildlife, landscapes and people of Tanzania. These classes are very popular and are truly "once in a life-time" events. They fill up rapidly so if you are interested in joining him on one of his trips, contact him at info@andybiggs.com, view his workshop schedule, or visit his website at www.andybiggs.com.



Latest Additions

Sand Dune, Namibia, Africa
Sand Dune, Namibia, Africa
Flight over Dunes, Sosussvlei, Namibia
030622_523 Serengeti.jpg
Sparring Giraffes
030622_526 Serengeti.jpg
Three Headed Giraffe
030623_098 Serengeti.jpg
Holy Lioness
030623_266 Serengeti.jpg
Running Zebras in Water
040109_293 Serengeti.jpg
Lion Cubs