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BWCA00-14-10 Canoe at Sunset on Horse Lake.jpg
Canoe at SunsetGary Hamer
BWCA03J-6-7 Canoe at landing on Cherokee Lake sepia.jpg
Canoe on Cherokee LakeGary Hamer
Paddling in the fogGary Hamer
Portage to Fire LakeGary Hamer
Paddling in the FogGary Hamer
Canoeing in the Boundary Waters.jpg
Canoeing in the BWCAWJohn Pennoyer
Beached Canoe Awaits NightfallRoyce Howland
_MG_2652 - silver peaks-L.jpg
Autumn in the LaCloche Mountains.Tom Cudzilo
French River Rapids.Tom Cudzilo
Paddling at SunriseGary Hamer
Paddling on KawasachongGary Hamer
_MG_4019 paul mitch paddling in fog ps 750.jpg
Paddling on the South Arm of Knife LakeGary Hamer
_MG_4044 paul mitch paddling ps 750.jpg
Paddling on the South Arm of Knife LakeGary Hamer
Canoes at SunsetGary Hamer
Canoe at SunsetGary Hamer
Almost frozen.Tom Cudzilo
_MG_8726 horseshoe sunset.jpg
Sunset Paddle, Horseshoe LakeGary Hamer
_MG_8751_2_3_hdr ps.jpg
Canoe at SunsetGary Hamer
_MG_8941 Lower Pauness ps.jpg
Lower Pauness LakeGary Hamer
_MG_9053 canoe and campfire Caribou Lake ps.jpg
Campfire and CanoeGary Hamer