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Budding BuckCraig Rose
Cougar on the prowlBuck Sleuman
Cougar NoseBuck Sleuman
Harrier in flight 3-18-08_DX11210.jpg
Northern Harrier Marsh Hawk in flightBrenda Jones
LG38-3C  ferns copy.jpg
Ferns in the Purcell Mountains, MontanaRandy Beacham
MF2-3Cc  fairy slippers 1~0.jpg
Fairy Slippers in old-growth forest in summer.Randy Beacham
MT22-3A Granite Falls copy~0.jpg
Granite falls in Granite Creek in summer.Randy Beacham
Mt45-5Cd  yaak river in winter copy.jpg
Yaak River in winter.Randy Beacham
MT81-2Bd old forest floor copy.jpg
Old forest floor in fall.Randy Beacham
MT84-2Ac  lake and reeds at sunrise 5 copy.jpg
Mountain lake and reeds at sunriseRandy Beacham
NWCoast 2022-13.jpg
Doug McLarty
NWCoast 2022-15.jpg
Doug McLarty
NWCoast 2022-4.jpg
Doug McLarty
NWCoast 2022-5.jpg
Doug McLarty
NWCoast 2022-7.jpg
Doug McLarty
NWCoast 2022-87.jpg
Doug McLarty
NWCoast 2022-9.jpg
Doug McLarty
NWCoast 2022-96.jpg
Doug McLarty
Up A TreeCraig Rose
Craig Rose
whitetails larch forest.jpg
Whitetail deer in old-growth larch forest.Randy Beacham
_DSC2326-Edit- 800px.jpg
Sol DucDoug Oglesby
_DSC2341_43-Focus Result (B, 28, 2)- 800px.jpg
CascadeDoug Oglesby