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abstract spring.jpg
spring abstractDarla J. Oathout
approaching storm.jpg
approaching stormDarla J. Oathout
avery view.jpg
View from HomeDarla J. Oathout
buttermilk falls .jpg
Buttermilk FallsDarla J. Oathout
Buttermilk Rainbow .jpg
Buttermilk Falls, RainbowDarla J. Oathout
columbine .jpg
Like a ballerinaDarla J. Oathout
creamery falls.jpg
after the rainsDarla J. Oathout
dawn -storm~0.jpg
dawn stormDarla J. Oathout
day break.jpg
seasons in transitionDarla J. Oathout
e branch 1.jpg
gentle rapidsDarla J. Oathout
Fall 3.jpg
winds of changeDarla J. Oathout
fishing huts.jpg
Fishing hutsDarla J. Oathout
lifting fogDarla J. Oathout
griffin- gorge.jpg
Flowing river streamDarla J. Oathout
ice bubbles .jpg
Ie bubbles under forming iceDarla J. Oathout
ice ribbons.jpg
ice ribbonsDarla J. Oathout
iced tamarcks.jpg
iced tamaracksDarla J. Oathout
kane mtn.jpg
Last light on Kane Mtn.Darla J. Oathout
Summer day on the KunjamukDarla J. Oathout
loon pair.jpg
loon pairDarla J. Oathout
maple 1.jpg
the start of fallDarla J. Oathout
maples 2.jpg
brilliant maplesDarla J. Oathout
merganser w- reflectionjpg.jpg
merganser with sunrise reflectionDarla J. Oathout
mill stream .jpg
mill streamDarla J. Oathout
morning mist.jpg
Fall morning with mistDarla J. Oathout
morning swim.jpg
Morning swimDarla J. Oathout
mother loon w-baby.jpg
mother loon w/ baby under wingDarla J. Oathout
owl napping.jpg
owl nappingDarla J. Oathout
river mist.jpg
river mistDarla J. Oathout
roaring brook.jpg
stately treesDarla J. Oathout
mossy treeDarla J. Oathout
Sharing the spaceDarla J. Oathout
Tuscan vineyard.jpg
May in TuscanyDarla J. Oathout
dewy violetDarla J. Oathout
wild columbine .jpg
buddingDarla J. Oathout