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Alert Rooster.jpg
Alert RoosterJohn Pennoyer
Arethusa bulbosa Orchids.jpg
Arethusa OrchidsJohn Pennoyer
Backlit Shiras Moose.jpg
Backlit Shiras MooseJohn Pennoyer
Bad Hair Day.jpg
Bad Hair DayJohn Pennoyer
Bald Eagle pair.jpg
Bald Eagle PairJohn Pennoyer
Bighorn Flehmen display.jpg
Bighorn flehmen displayJohn Pennoyer
Bighorn Ram pair.jpg
Bighorn Ram pairJohn Pennoyer
Bighorn Ram.jpg
Bighorn RamJohn Pennoyer
Black bear cubs.jpg
Black bear cubsJohn Pennoyer
Black-eyed Susans on the prairie.jpg
Black-eyed SusansJohn Pennoyer
Blue Mounds St. Pk..jpg
Sunrise on the PrairieJohn Pennoyer
Bluebell habitat.jpg
Virginia Bluebells in habitatJohn Pennoyer
Bugling bull.jpg
Bugling bullJohn Pennoyer
Bunchberry blossoms.jpg
Bunchberry blossomsJohn Pennoyer
Calling Marsh Wren.jpg
Calling Marsh WrenJohn Pennoyer
Calopogon Orchids.jpg
Calopogon OrchidsJohn Pennoyer
Canoeing in the Boundary Waters.jpg
Canoeing in the BWCAWJohn Pennoyer
Chickadee take-off.jpg
Chickadee taking flightJohn Pennoyer
Displaying Sharptail.jpg
Displaying Sharptail GrouseJohn Pennoyer
Drake Wood duck reflection.jpg
Wood duck reflectionJohn Pennoyer
Eagle Landing.jpg
Eagle landingJohn Pennoyer
Eagle wing spread.jpg
Eagle Wing SpreadJohn Pennoyer
Full Moon at Split Rock.jpg
Full Moon over Split RockJohn Pennoyer
Full Moon reflection.jpg
Full Moon ReflectionJohn Pennoyer
Goldeneyes in flight.jpg
Goldeneyes in flightJohn Pennoyer
Goldenrod on the prairie.jpg
Moon setting on the prairieJohn Pennoyer
Gosling in Creeping Charlie.jpg
Gosling in Creeping CharlieJohn Pennoyer
Great Gray after prey.jpg
Great Gray after preyJohn Pennoyer
Great Gray with prey.jpg
Great Gray with preyJohn Pennoyer
Grizzly silhouette.jpg
Grizzly silhouetteJohn Pennoyer
Grizzly sow and cub.jpg
Grizzly sow and cubJohn Pennoyer
Grizzly sow.jpg
Grizzly sowJohn Pennoyer
High Falls.jpg
Pigeon River High FallsJohn Pennoyer
House Wren with food.jpg
House Wren bringing foodJohn Pennoyer
Lake Superior ice.jpg
Lake Superior iceJohn Pennoyer
Lake Superior twilight.jpg
Lake Superior twilightJohn Pennoyer
Large Yellow Lady_s slippers.jpg
Large Yellow Lady's slipper trioJohn Pennoyer
Loon pair.jpg
Nesting Loon pairJohn Pennoyer
Male Hooded Merganser.jpg
Male Hooded MerganserJohn Pennoyer
Marsh Marigolds in habitat.jpg
Marsh Marigolds in habitatJohn Pennoyer
Mistletoe Creek.jpg
Mistletoe CreekJohn Pennoyer
Morel Mushrooms.jpg
Morel MushroomsJohn Pennoyer
Northern Hawk Owl.jpg
Northern Hawk OwlJohn Pennoyer
Ostrich Ferns.jpg
Ostrich FernsJohn Pennoyer
Pasque flowers at sunset.jpg
Pasque Flowers at sunsetJohn Pennoyer
Pink Lady_s slipper pair.jpg
Pink Lady's slipper in habitatJohn Pennoyer
Ram_s Head Orchid.jpg
Ram's-head Lady's slipperJohn Pennoyer
Relaxed cub.jpg
Relaxing Black bear cubJohn Pennoyer
Resting Pronghorn buck.jpg
Resting Pronghorn buckJohn Pennoyer
Rooster on the run.jpg
Rooster on the runJohn Pennoyer
Rutting Pronghorns.jpg
Rutting PronghornsJohn Pennoyer
Rutting Whitetail.jpg
Rutting Whitetail buckJohn Pennoyer
Scent Checking.jpg
Scent checkingJohn Pennoyer
Showy Lady_s slippers in habitat.jpg
Showy's in habitatJohn Pennoyer
Showy_s and Horsetail ferns.jpg
Showys and Horsetail fernsJohn Pennoyer
Small Yellow Lady_s slippers.jpg
Small Yellow Lady's slippersJohn Pennoyer
South Brule River .jpg
South Brule RiverJohn Pennoyer
Sow with cubs.jpg
Greeting MomJohn Pennoyer
Spring Beauties.jpg
Spring Beauty'sJohn Pennoyer
Standing cub.jpg
Standing cubJohn Pennoyer
Stemless Lady_s slipper habitat.jpg
Stemless Lady's slipper in habitatJohn Pennoyer
Summer Whitetail buck.jpg
July Whitetail BuckJohn Pennoyer
Sunrise Bugle.jpg
Sunrise bugleJohn Pennoyer
Sunrise on Lake Superior.jpg
Sunrise on Lake SuperiorJohn Pennoyer
Sunset Grizzly.jpg
Sunset GrizzlyJohn Pennoyer
Sunset in the BWCAW.jpg
Sunset in the BWCAWJohn Pennoyer
Temperance rapids.jpg
Rapids on the TemperanceJohn Pennoyer
Touch the Sky Prairie.jpg
Touch the Sky PrairieJohn Pennoyer
Trillium habitat.jpg
Trillium habitatJohn Pennoyer
Trumpeter wing stretch.jpg
Trumpeter Wing stretchJohn Pennoyer
Trumpeters in mist.jpg
Trumpeters in mistJohn Pennoyer
Trumpeters taking off.jpg
Trumpeters taking flightJohn Pennoyer
Turk_s Cap Lilies in habitat.jpg
Turks-Cap lillies in habitatJohn Pennoyer
Turning the eggs.jpg
Loon turning eggsJohn Pennoyer
Whitetail fawns greeting.jpg
Fawns greetingJohn Pennoyer
Whitetail lip curl.jpg
Whitetail lip curlJohn Pennoyer
Wild Horse .jpg
Wild HorseJohn Pennoyer
Winter moon rise.jpg
Naked Tree and winter moonJohn Pennoyer
Winter moonlight.jpg
Winter MoonlightJohn Pennoyer
Winter twilight on Lake Superior.jpg
Lake Superior ice at twilightJohn Pennoyer
Wood Lillies.jpg
Wood Lily'sJohn Pennoyer