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13313-010335 copy(nsn).jpg
Harris's HawkNate Chappell
13313-1B9X8208(2) copy.jpg
Dark-eyed (Gray-headed) JuncoNate Chappell
13313-IMG_0195(800) copy 2.jpg
Southern White-crowned ShrikeNate Chappell
13313-IMG_0357(nsn800) copy.jpg
Bald Eagle DivingNate Chappell
13313-IMG_0461nsn) copy.jpg
Yellow-billed PintailNate Chappell
13313-IMG_0485(800) copy 3.jpg
Martial EagleNate Chappell
13313-IMG_0546(800) copy.jpg
Purple-bibbed WhitetipNate Chappell
13313-IMG_1399(800) copy.jpg
Rosy-faced LovebirdNate Chappell
13313-IMG_1829(800) copy.jpg
Long-billed CurlewNate Chappell
13313-IMG_3564(800) copy.jpg
Black-crested TitmouseNate Chappell
13313-IMG_3564(810) copy.jpg
Black-crested TitmouseNate Chappell
13313-IMG_7026(nsn) copy.jpg
Sleepy Snowy OwlNate Chappell
13313-IMG_7151(800) copy.jpg
Blue-necked TanagerNate Chappell
13313-IMG_7224(nsn) copy.jpg
Peregrine FalconNate Chappell
13313-IMG_8150 copy.jpg
Chimango CarcaraNate Chappell
13313-IMG_8683(nsn) copy.jpg
Bald Eagle and Great Blue HeronNate Chappell
13313-IMG_8978(nsn) copy.jpg
2 Species of Coronet (Ecuador)Nate Chappell
13313-IMG_9777(nsn) copy.jpg
Flame-faced TanagerNate Chappell
13313-IMG_9910 (nsn)copy 2.jpg
Sickle-winged GuanNate Chappell
Coronet Mid-air BattleNate Chappell
13313-IMG_9970(nsn) copy.jpg
Motif: Pale-mandibled AracariNate Chappell
13313-NazcaBoobyAnimalPortraits copy(nsn).jpg
Nazca BoobiesNate Chappell
13313-_B9X9689 (nsn)copy copy.jpg
Chestnut-breasted CoronetNate Chappell
13313-_B9X9771(nsn) copy.jpg
Motif: Sword-billed HummingbirdNate Chappell
13313-_DSC3012(800) copy.jpg
Harris's HawkNate Chappell
1B9X1445(3)filtered copy.jpg
MallardNate Chappell
1B9X2034(2) copy.jpg
Northern HarrierNate Chappell
1B9X2897(4) copy.jpg
Common PotooNate Chappell
1B9X3481(1) copy.jpg
Collared TrogonNate Chappell
1B9X4268(1) copy.jpg
Toucan BarbetNate Chappell
1B9X5079(1) copy.jpg
IguanaNate Chappell
1B9X6377(1) copy.jpg
Gambel's QuailNate Chappell
1B9X7815(1) copy.jpg
RoadrunnerNate Chappell
1B9X8105(3)_filtered copy.jpg
Bridled TitmouseNate Chappell
1B9X8208(2) copy.jpg
Dark-eyed JuncoNate Chappell
1B9X9056(2)_filtered copy.jpg
Marbled GodwitNate Chappell
IMG_0235 (2) copy.jpg
Mountain CaracaraNate Chappell
IMG_2608 (2) copy.jpg
Arizona WoodpeckerNate Chappell
IMG_2692 (2) copy.jpg
Pale-mandibled AracariNate Chappell
IMG_2903 (5) copy.jpg
Night MonkeysNate Chappell
IMG_3906 (6)_filtered copy.jpg
Long-tailed WeaselNate Chappell
IMG_3934 (5)_filtered copy.jpg
BadgerNate Chappell
IMG_4766 (6)_filtered copy.jpg
Townsend's WarblerNate Chappell
IMG_5473 (5)_filtered copy.jpg
Hoary Marmot Smelling FlowerNate Chappell
IMG_9825 (2) copy.jpg
Band-tailed PigeonNate Chappell