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Bluebird beautiful 4-10-08_DX12862.jpg
Male Eastern BluebirdBrenda Jones
Bluebird husband wife 4-10-08_DX12866.jpg
Female and Male Eastern Bluebird preparing nestBrenda Jones
Bluebird in flight 4-10-08_DX12881.jpg
Eastern Bluebird in flightBrenda Jones
Boater and Eagle with fish 10-24-08 DX1_0148.jpg
Eagle flying in front of boater with fish in towBrenda Jones
Canadian Goose Flight Landing.jpg
Canada Goose Flight LandingBrenda Jones
Cardinal Husband Wife 300mm 1-2000 f3.jpg
Cardinal Couple in WinterBrenda Jones
Cedar Waxwing 5-14-08_DX14467.jpg
Cedar WaxwingBrenda Jones
Cedar Waxwing with berry 10-24-08 DX1_0251.jpg
Scruffy-looking Juvenile Cedar WaxwingBrenda Jones
Chipmunk Pennypack 10-26-08 DX1_0410.jpg
Eastern Chipmunk climbing a plant stemBrenda Jones
Common Merg female 2-21-08_DX19808.jpg
Common Merganser femaleBrenda Jones
Common Merganser male 2-21-08_DX19835.jpg
Common Merganser MaleBrenda Jones
Deer antlers pose.jpg
White-tailed deer coming out of mud, sunsetBrenda Jones
Eastern Chipmunk Promised Land SP.jpg
Eastern Chipmunk with stuffed cheeksBrenda Jones
Fox Face up close 3-13-08_DX10915.jpg
Red Fox face up closeBrenda Jones
Fox hears vole 3-13-08_DX10933.jpg
Red Fox hunting in fieldBrenda Jones
Great Egret 10-30-08 DX1_0487.jpg
Great EgretBrenda Jones
Harrier in flight 3-18-08_DX11210.jpg
Northern Harrier Marsh Hawk in flightBrenda Jones
House Finch Plbo Prsrve 12-28-07.jpg
House Finch, maleBrenda Jones
SEO my favorite 4-8-08_DX12804.jpg
Short-eared Owl in flightBrenda Jones
Short-eared Owl 2-3-2008 1.jpg
Short-eared Owl in FlightBrenda Jones
Titmouse 1-14-2008 copy.jpg
Tufted TitmouseBrenda Jones
Tree Swallow ChatterBrenda Jones
Yellow Warbler Flight1 5-23-08_DX14628.jpg
Yellow Warber in flightBrenda Jones