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2358 small size with bubbles.jpg
Lisa Gimber
wildflowersLisa Gimber
Little FlowersLisa Gimber
Caddo Lake with Mr. ContrastLisa Gimber
TreesLisa Gimber
wildflowersLisa Gimber
water lilyLisa Gimber
thank goodness for paint shopLisa Gimber
Caddo LakeLisa Gimber
Got To Get You Into My LifeLisa Gimber
#34Lisa Gimber
#35Lisa Gimber
wildflowersLisa Gimber
a birdLisa Gimber
try, try, againLisa Gimber
CSCF2422 the Clive effect artmaster #5 small size.jpg
Lisa Gimber
DSCF2366 small size.jpg
Lisa Gimber
DSCF2934flaming pearsmall size.jpg
Lisa Gimber
Dscf2937small size photo impact2.jpg
Lisa Gimber
Dscf2969 flexify 2969.jpg
Lisa Gimber
IMG_3859Noise ninja misty glow unsharpen mask digital film tools 55 filter.jpg
Water Lily @1Lisa Gimber
IMG_3873 cropped small size.jpg
Waterlily at Caddo Lake, Texas #5Lisa Gimber
IMG_3874small size cropped a little.jpg
Waterlily at Caddo LakeLisa Gimber
IMG_3875 small size Mr Contrast.jpg
Waterlily at Caddo Lake #3Lisa Gimber
IMG_3907small size.jpg
Waterlily at Caddo Lake, Texas #6Lisa Gimber
IMG_4169small size.jpg
AzaleaLisa Gimber
IMG_4565 artmaster bright colorsBuzz Emboss.jpg
Purple FlowerLisa Gimber
IMG_4574accented edges small size.jpg
RedLisa Gimber
IMG_4582 artmaster caricature sketch.jpg
ColumbineLisa Gimber
IMG_4641sharpened and contrasted big size4small size.jpg
Was a purple flowerLisa Gimber
IMG_4650 small size noise ninja.jpg
bluebonnetLisa Gimber
IMG_4916 small size Lucis Art Dreamsuite  .jpg
Caddo Lake #2Lisa Gimber
IMG_4918 artmaster buzz  lucis art.jpg
Caddo Lake #1Lisa Gimber
IMG_4980 buzz lucis art 2 .jpg
Lotus Leaves at Caddo Lake #1Lisa Gimber
IMG_5247yellow small size 2dreamsuite 1 zoom blur and photo depth.jpg
Yellow Water LilyLisa Gimber
IMG_5340small size buzz water color from Corel Photo-Paint X3 5.jpg
Water LiliesLisa Gimber
IMG_5463 fini small size.jpg
Pink WaterlilliesLisa Gimber
IMG_5469small size Buzz Simplifier Digital Film Tools 55 mist and LucisArt.jpg
Pink Water LilyLisa Gimber
IMG_5511bee on a cone flower small size Flaming Pear Laquer buzz emboss PS Rough Pastels forget what else.jpg
BeeLisa Gimber
IMG_5543 small size buzz and Lucis Art.jpg
Lotus Field at Caddo LakeLisa Gimber
IMG_5544small size2.jpg
Lotuses on Caddo LakeLisa Gimber
IMG_5570 lucis art buzz painter 750.jpg
A Lotus and some LeavesLisa Gimber
IMG_5712small buzz emboss selective color PS brightness.jpg
Water LilyLisa Gimber
IMG_5719 small size buzz.jpg
Water LilyLisa Gimber
IMG_5721 buzz lucis art small size.jpg
Waterlily #7Lisa Gimber
IMG_5940 cows Nik pop.jpg
The Twilight ZoneLisa Gimber
IMG_6380 lucis art.jpg
and anotherLisa Gimber
IMG_6390 small size Mr Contrast and Lucis Art and Artmaster.jpg
cypress kneesLisa Gimber
IMG_6409 Noise Ninja, Buzz, Lucis Art.jpg
lakeLisa Gimber
IMG_6507 artmaster buzz Lucis Art PS texture .jpg
lake 2Lisa Gimber
R003-017 cropped Buzz Nik selective color .jpg
BluebonnetsLisa Gimber