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Barred OwlMarty Colburn
Barred OwlMarty Colburn
Lake JosephineMarty Colburn
Marty Colburn
Turkey strutMarty Colburn
Tall TreeMarty Colburn
Breaking the iceMarty Colburn
The next dayMarty Colburn
OspreyMarty Colburn
Landing at the colonyMarty Colburn
Barred Owl with SirenMarty Colburn
Sandhill Crane familyMarty Colburn
Beaver crossingMarty Colburn
Great Egret returning to the nestMarty Colburn
Coyote on the huntMarty Colburn
Red FoxMarty Colburn
Otter eating SirenMarty Colburn
BeaverMarty Colburn
BisonMarty Colburn
Black Bear fishingMarty Colburn
Green Heron Marty Colburn
Two LoonsMarty Colburn
Bighorn SheepMarty Colburn
Bighorn SheepMarty Colburn
Black-crowned Night HeronMarty Colburn
Mating timeMarty Colburn
King RailMarty Colburn
Gray WolvesMarty Colburn
Bighorn SheepMarty Colburn
White PelicansMarty Colburn
Porcupine in thorn treeMarty Colburn
Sandhill Cranes nestingMarty Colburn
Swan familyMarty Colburn
OtterMarty Colburn
Feeding timeMarty Colburn
Bald Eagle & WoodstorkMarty Colburn
Bald Eagle & WoodstorkMarty Colburn
Bald Eagle & WoodstorkMarty Colburn
Bald Eagle & WoodstorkMarty Colburn
Bald Eagle drying wingsMarty Colburn
me and my shadowMarty Colburn
Great Horned OwlMarty Colburn
StreamMarty Colburn
Dispute at sunsetMarty Colburn
Great Blue Heron & snakeMarty Colburn
Wood DuckMarty Colburn
Moose on trailMarty Colburn
PtarminganMarty Colburn
Elk in snowMarty Colburn
Bull ElkMarty Colburn
Great Horned Owl familyMarty Colburn
Early morning shadowsMarty Colburn
Cattle EgretsMarty Colburn
bugle at 10,000 feetMarty Colburn
Mule DeerMarty Colburn
Ibis eating Apple SnailMarty Colburn
Gulls on snowMarty Colburn
Hawk OwlMarty Colburn
Great Egret courtshipMarty Colburn
Sunrise at LBLMarty Colburn
Dall Sheep Marty Colburn
Grouse drummingMarty Colburn
White PelicansMarty Colburn
Little Blue Heron (immature)Marty Colburn
Great Egret & friendMarty Colburn
Burrowing OwlsMarty Colburn
_MG_9155 Eagle comp 2.jpg
Eagle DanceMarty Colburn
FaceoffMarty Colburn
Nest Building in fogMarty Colburn
Bald Eagle bankingMarty Colburn
Bald EaglesMarty Colburn
Egret SunsetMarty Colburn
Four OttersMarty Colburn
Oconaluftee RiverMarty Colburn
Dragging a pawMarty Colburn
Brown Bear fishingMarty Colburn
Brown Bear fishingMarty Colburn
Salmon GlacierMarty Colburn
The LookMarty Colburn
Brown Bear play fightMarty Colburn
Momma fishingMarty Colburn
Camera ShyMarty Colburn
Brown Bear CubMarty Colburn
Quick exit-male in areaMarty Colburn