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11x14 FullBacklitBlueHeron 360 web.jpg
Backlit Blue HeronGary Felker
11x14 Wren on Branch 300 web.jpg
Carolina Wren on BranchGary Felker
16x24 Blue River Fireweed 3 200 web 2.jpg
Blue River FireweedGary Felker
16x24 Cheetah 300.jpg
Cheetah Sentinel (c)Gary Felker
4x6 Lakeside Sunrise Mod 200.jpg
Lakeside SunriseGary Felker
5x7 MonarchSunflower200.tif.jpg
Monarch on SunflowerGary Felker
8x10 Acadia Sunrise 200 Light.jpg
Acadia SunriseGary Felker
8x10 Peony Detail 3 200.jpg
Peony DetailGary Felker
8x10 Smokies Stream 2 200 2.jpg
Smokies StreamGary Felker
8x12 Dogwood Bracts 360.jpg
Dogwood BractsGary Felker
8x12 Garden of the Gods Rainbow 300 Light d.jpg
Garden of the Gods RainbowGary Felker
Acadia Road Fall 2.jpg
Acadia Road inFall ColorGary Felker
Alien Beach Cobble 2.jpg
Alien Beach CobbleGary Felker
Anne McE_s Ferns 2.jpg
Fern CornucopiaGary Felker
Baby Corn Snake 2.jpg
Baby Corn Snake (c)Gary Felker
Banff Elk 3 2.jpg
Elk DrinkingGary Felker
Biltmore Pileated Woodpecker web 2.jpg
Pileated WoodpeckerGary Felker
Black and Yellow Argiope Spider.jpg
Black and Yellow Agriope SpiderGary Felker
Bluejay Perching Cover Shot web.jpg
Bluejay AfternoonGary Felker
Cannon Beach Oregon Sunrise 8x12 200.jpg
Cannon Beach SunriseGary Felker
Carolina Jessamine Blossoms 11x14 200.jpg
Carolina JasmineGary Felker
Coastal Live Oaks 2.jpg
Coastal Live OaksGary Felker
Crab in Surf 2.jpg
Crab in SurfGary Felker
Crabapple Blossoms.jpg
Crabapple BlossomsGary Felker
Elephant Ear 2 8x10 200 2.jpg
Elephant EarGary Felker
Evening Swans mod 11x14 300 web.jpg
Mute Swans (c)Gary Felker
Frisco Rocks and Aspens 3 16x24 200 2.jpg
Frisco Rocks and AspensGary Felker
Golden-winged Skimmer.jpg
Golden-winged SkimmerGary Felker
Harris Sparrow 4 web.jpg
Harris's SparrowGary Felker
Kingbird Left.jpg
Eastern Kingbird on Barbed WireGary Felker
Low Tide 2.jpg
Low TideGary Felker
Male Bluebird with Dragonfly 2 mod web.jpg
Male Bluebird With DragonflyGary Felker
Male House Finch Full Frame 8x10 300.jpg
House Finch MaleGary Felker
MaroonBellsAspens 8x12 300 2.jpg
Maroon Bells AspensGary Felker
Mountain Sunrise Moonset mod NSN 2.jpg
Mountain Sunrise MoonsetGary Felker
Painted Bunting Posing Mod 2a web.jpg
Painted Bunting PosingGary Felker
Peacock Eye Feather 16x24 300 2.jpg
Peacock Eye FeatherGary Felker
Peggys Bleeding Hearts.jpg
Bleeding HeartsGary Felker
Pika Portrait.jpg
Pika PortraitGary Felker
Red-bellied Wodpecker Perching web.jpg
Red-bellied WoodpeckerGary Felker
River Rock Mosaic 16x24 300 2.jpg
River Rock MosaicGary Felker
Seed Stealing Cardinal 8x12 300.jpg
Seed Stealing CardinalGary Felker
Smokies Blues.jpg
Smoky BluesGary Felker
Snowy Egret Landing 4 web.jpg
Snowy Egret LandingGary Felker
Spiderwort 8x12 200 d.jpg
SpiderwortGary Felker
Sunset Moonrise 4 8x10 200.jpg
Sunset MoonriseGary Felker
Tetons Barn Vert mod 2.jpg
Tetons BarnGary Felker
Wild Plums 2.jpg
Wild PlumsGary Felker
Wofford Fall sunset.jpg
Wofford Lake Fall SunsetGary Felker
Yellow-bellied Marmot 2 2.jpg
Yellow-bellied MarmotGary Felker