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9 27 01 Waterspout KempChannel A 18 copy.jpg
Waterspout 9 27 01Michelle Wisniewski
American Bittern.jpg
American BitternMichelle Wisniewski
Anhinga f swallowing Largemouth Bass .jpg
Anhinga swallowing Largemouthed BassMichelle Wisniewski
Antillean Daggerwing top copy.jpg
Antillean Daggarwing butterflyMichelle Wisniewski
Antillean Nighthawk f with chic 03 copy.jpg
Antillean Nighthawk f. with chickMichelle Wisniewski
Atala f on Coontie 01 copy.jpg
Atala f. butterflyMichelle Wisniewski
Bartram_s Scrub Hairstreak.jpg
Bartram's Scrub Hairstreak nectaring on CrotonMichelle Wisniewski
Black-throated Blue Warbler m 13 copy.jpg
Black-throated Blue WarblerMichelle Wisniewski
Black-throated Green Warbler f.jpg
Black-throated Green Warbler fMichelle Wisniewski
Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis 01 copy.jpg
Blue Dasher DragonflyMichelle Wisniewski
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher fall 02 copy.jpg
Blue-gray GnatcatcherMichelle Wisniewski
Cape May Warbler m 10 copy.jpg
Cape May Warbler m.Michelle Wisniewski
Carolina Wren 02 copy.jpg
Carolina WrenMichelle Wisniewski
Cassius Blue pair 10A copy.jpg
Cassius Blue Butterfly pairMichelle Wisniewski
Cattle Egret Courtship Display.jpg
Cattle Egret Courtship DisplayMichelle Wisniewski
Chestnut-sided Warbler m 03 copy.jpg
Chestnut-sided warbler m.Michelle Wisniewski
Cloudless Sulphur f Ovipositing.jpg
Cloudless Sulphur f ovipositing on [i]Cassia sp.Michelle Wisniewski
Common Buckeye 07 on Square Snowstem copy.jpg
Common Buckeye ButterflyMichelle Wisniewski
Cormorant display 04 blue bkg copy.jpg
Double-crested Cormorant breeding plumageMichelle Wisniewski
Corn Snake Juv 18 copy.jpg
Corn Snake, juv.Michelle Wisniewski
Cuban Brown Anole 11 copy.jpg
Cuban Brown Aniole m. displaying dewlapMichelle Wisniewski
Dolphin kiss copy.jpg
Bottle-nosed Dolphins (C)Michelle Wisniewski
Dorantes Longtail 04 copy.jpg
Dorantes Longtail ButterflyMichelle Wisniewski
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake 01 copy.jpg
Eastern Diamondback RattlesnakeMichelle Wisniewski
Fiery Skippers Courting 04 copy.jpg
Fiery Skipper butterfly pair on Snow SquarestemMichelle Wisniewski
FL Duskywing Skipper f 02 copy.jpg
Florida Duskywing Skipper Butterfly on Bay CedarMichelle Wisniewski
Florida White m on Seaside Heliotrope 03 copy.jpg
Barred-yellow Butterfly m. on Seaside HeliotropeMichelle Wisniewski
Giant Swallowtails on Jamaca Caper copy.jpg
Giant Swallowtail butterfly pairMichelle Wisniewski
Gray Catbird.jpg
Gray CatbirdMichelle Wisniewski
Gray Hairstreak top 02 copy.jpg
Gray Hairstreak butterflyMichelle Wisniewski
Great Egret overhead.jpg
Great Egret in flightMichelle Wisniewski
Great White Heron flight.jpg
Great White HeronMichelle Wisniewski
Green Anole with dewlap copy.jpg
Green Anole m. displaying dewlapMichelle Wisniewski
Green Heron.jpg
Green HeronMichelle Wisniewski
Gulf Fritilary.jpg
Gulf Fritilary nectaring on Painted LeafMichelle Wisniewski
Hammock skipper 04 copy.jpg
Hammock Skipper butterflyMichelle Wisniewski
Hooded Merganser m 02 copy.jpg
Hooded Merganser m.Michelle Wisniewski
Iguana seaside m 18 copy.jpg
Green Iguana m.Michelle Wisniewski
Julia 03 copy.jpg
Julia Butterfly f.Michelle Wisniewski
Kentucky Warbler  01 copy.jpg
Kentucky WarblerMichelle Wisniewski
Key Deer 05 copy.jpg
Key Deer eating LocustberryMichelle Wisniewski
Large Orange Sulphur m 04 copy.jpg
Large Orange Sulphur Butterfly m.Michelle Wisniewski
Lightening  7 27 02 18A copy.jpg
Lightning 7 27 02Michelle Wisniewski
Lightening 7 27 04 copy.jpg
Lightning 7 27 04Michelle Wisniewski
Lightening 8 22 04 B copy.jpg
Lightning 8 22 04Michelle Wisniewski
Lightening 8 22 04 J copy.jpg
Lightning 8 22 04Michelle Wisniewski
Lightning 9 06 07C copy.jpg
Lightning 9 6 07Michelle Wisniewski
Little Blue Heron 1st spring.jpg
Little Blue Heron 1st SpringMichelle Wisniewski
Mangrove Buckeye.jpg
Mangrove BuckeyeMichelle Wisniewski
Mangrove Skipper 08 copy.jpg
Mangrove Skipper butterfly on PlumbagoMichelle Wisniewski
Martial Scrub Hairstreak side 04 copy.jpg
Martial Scrub Hairstreak on Bay CedarMichelle Wisniewski
Martial Scrub Hairstreak.jpg
Martial-scrub HairstreakMichelle Wisniewski
Miami Blue f.jpg
Miami Blue f on Painted LeafMichelle Wisniewski
Miami Blue m top 06 A copy.jpg
Miami Blue Butterfly, m.Michelle Wisniewski
Monarch on Seashore Ageratum copy.jpg
Monarch Butterfly on endangered Seashore AgeratuMichelle Wisniewski
Orange-barred sulphur f.jpg
Orange-barred sulphur f on Red PorterweedMichelle Wisniewski
Painted Bunting f 07 copy.jpg
Painted Bunting f.Michelle Wisniewski
Peregrine Falcon couple.jpg
Peregrine Falcon CoupleMichelle Wisniewski
Pileated Woodpecker f 03 copy.jpg
Pileated Woodpecker f.Michelle Wisniewski
Pileated Woodpecker m 05 copy.jpg
Pileated Woodpecker, mMichelle Wisniewski
Polydamus Swallowtail 07 copy.jpg
Polydamus Swallowtail Butterfly on Duranta erectMichelle Wisniewski
Queen 7 copy.jpg
Queen butterflyMichelle Wisniewski
Red-shouldered hawk 07 copy.jpg
Red-shouldered HawkMichelle Wisniewski
Reddish Egret preening aigrettes.jpg
Reddish Egret preening aigrettesMichelle Wisniewski
Reddish Egrets Light Morph 16 copy.jpg
Reddish Egrets, Light MorphMichelle Wisniewski
Redhead Duck m 03 copy.jpg
Redhead Duck m.Michelle Wisniewski
Rose-breasted Grosbeak m.jpg
Rose-breasted GrosbeakMichelle Wisniewski
Roseate Skimmer Orthemis ferruginea m 01 copy.jpg
Roseate Skimmer Dragonfly m.Michelle Wisniewski
Roseate Spoonbill hunting Mangrove Crabs.jpg
Roseate Spoonbill Hunting Mangrove CrabsMichelle Wisniewski
Sandwich Tern.jpg
Sandwich TernMichelle Wisniewski
Scarlet Skimmer Crocithemis servilia  m 04 copy.jpg
Scarlet Skimmer DragonflyMichelle Wisniewski
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher m tossing fig.jpg
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher m tossing figMichelle Wisniewski
Seaside Dragonlet Erythrodiplax bernice m 02  copy.jpg
Six-lined Racerunner lizardMichelle Wisniewski
Six-lined Racerunner 04 copy.jpg
Six-lined Racerunner LizardMichelle Wisniewski
Snowy Egret Courtship Display.jpg
Snowy Egret Courtship DisplayMichelle Wisniewski
Soft shelled turtle 03 copy.jpg
Soft-shelled turtle depositing eggsMichelle Wisniewski
Southern Bald Eagle with fish.jpg
Bald Eagle holding MulletMichelle Wisniewski
Spicebush Swallowtail 03 copy.jpg
Spicebush Swallowtail ButterflyMichelle Wisniewski
Swallow-tailed Kite 23 copy.jpg
Swallow-tailed KiteMichelle Wisniewski
Swallow-tailed Kite.jpg
Swallow-tailed KiteMichelle Wisniewski
Three Skippers, one Thistle.jpg
Three Skippers, One ThistleMichelle Wisniewski
Tricolored Heron display.jpg
Tricolored Heron displayMichelle Wisniewski
ViceroyMichelle Wisniewski
Violet-masked Glider Tramea carolina 01 copy.jpg
Violet-masked Glider DragonflyMichelle Wisniewski
Wandering Glider Pantala favescans 03 copy.jpg
Wandering Glider DragonflyMichelle Wisniewski
West Indian Manatees kiss copy.jpg
West Indian Manatees (c)Michelle Wisniewski
White Crowned Pigeon in Short Leaf Fig.jpg
White-crowned Pigeon in Short-leaf FigMichelle Wisniewski
Worm-eating Warbler eating fig.jpg
Worm-eating warbler eating figMichelle Wisniewski
Wurdemann_s Heron~0.jpg
Wurdemann's HeronMichelle Wisniewski
Yellow-crowned Night Heron with Spiny Lobster .jpg
Yellow-crowned Night Heron with Spiny LobsterMichelle Wisniewski
Zebra Longwing.jpg
Zebra Longwing nectaring on ScorpiontailMichelle Wisniewski