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4043-4048 crop.jpg
SpiderwortGary Hamer
B20-13 male cardinal in snow.jpg
Male Cardinal in SnowGary Hamer
BWCA00-14-10 Canoe at Sunset on Horse Lake.jpg
Canoe at SunsetGary Hamer
BWCA02-1-3 Fenske Lake rainbow.jpg
Fenske Lake RainbowGary Hamer
BWCA03J-6-7 Canoe at landing on Cherokee Lake sepia.jpg
Canoe on Cherokee LakeGary Hamer
Paddling in the fogGary Hamer
Portage to Fire LakeGary Hamer
Curtain FallsGary Hamer
Nina Moose RiverGary Hamer
Nina Moose RiverGary Hamer
Nina Moose LakeGary Hamer
Paddling in the FogGary Hamer
Johnson FallsGary Hamer
F32-8 spiderwort with bee.jpg
SpiderwortGary Hamer
Mayapple and Wild GeraniumGary Hamer
Purple ConeflowersGary Hamer
Winter SunriseGary Hamer
Gary Hamer
Windmill at SunriseGary Hamer
S53-10 Wickiup geese on pond in snow.jpg
Geese in snowGary Hamer
S71-15 Wickiup boardwalk and pond sunrise.jpg
Boardwalk at SunriseGary Hamer
S74-1 Wickiup Bergamot foggy sunrise.jpg
Wild Bergamot at SunriseGary Hamer
S87-1wickiup boardwalk.jpg
Boardwalk at SunriseGary Hamer
After the snowGary Hamer
_MG_0007 maquoqueta caves fall.jpg
Maquoqueta Caves State ParkGary Hamer
_MG_0117 mcbride water and clouds ps.jpg
Lake McBrideGary Hamer
_MG_0473 white throated sparrow.jpg
White Throated SparrowGary Hamer
Prairie BurnGary Hamer
_MG_1382 noelridge sunrise ps1.jpg
SunriseGary Hamer
_MG_1495 noelridge snow walking dog ps1.jpg
Walking Dog in the SnowGary Hamer
_MG_1533 horse in snow ps.jpg
Horse in SnowGary Hamer
_MG_1584 horse snow ps1.jpg
Horse in SnowGary Hamer
Wetland Pond SunriseGary Hamer
Blazing Star in FogGary Hamer
Monarch on Rough Blazing StarGary Hamer
Farm FieldGary Hamer
Sun RaysGary Hamer
Foggy SunriseGary Hamer
Upper Johnsn FallsGary Hamer
_MG_3488 noelridge hdr 750x500.jpg
Noelridge Flower GardenGary Hamer
Alder Lake SunriseGary Hamer
Paddling at SunriseGary Hamer
MooseGary Hamer
Morning Campfire on KawasachongGary Hamer
Island in fog - Kawasachong LakeGary Hamer
Paddling on KawasachongGary Hamer
_MG_4019 paul mitch paddling in fog ps 750.jpg
Paddling on the South Arm of Knife LakeGary Hamer
_MG_4044 paul mitch paddling ps 750.jpg
Paddling on the South Arm of Knife LakeGary Hamer
Sunset over South Arm of Knife LakeGary Hamer
Canoes at SunsetGary Hamer
_MG_4367 squirrel.jpg
Backyard SquirrelGary Hamer
_MG_4395 tent sa knife ps.jpg
Campsite on South Arm of Knife LakeGary Hamer
Fall Color at Lake McBrideGary Hamer
Fall Trail at Lake McBrideGary Hamer
_MG_4563 Wickiup bumblebee.jpg
Bumblebee and flowerGary Hamer
Toe Lake OverlookGary Hamer
Canoe at SunsetGary Hamer
Fall Colors at Lake McBrideGary Hamer
Water and Gulls at Lake McBrideGary Hamer
Water and Fall Color at Lake McBrideGary Hamer
Flowing Water and Fall Color at Lake McBrideGary Hamer
_MG_5028 backyard chickadee.jpg
Chickadee in Washington HawthorneGary Hamer
_MG_5599 Kelso River.jpg
Canoe and Water LiliesGary Hamer
_MG_5930 Alan Leah on Grace.jpg
Canoe at SunriseGary Hamer
Paddling CanoeGary Hamer
Sunrise on Grace LakeGary Hamer
_MG_6673 loons.jpg
LoonsGary Hamer
_MG_6974 backbone spring.jpg
Maquoketa RiverGary Hamer
_MG_8139_40_41_42_43_44_45_hdr ps.jpg
Sunrise on Iron LakeGary Hamer
_MG_8345_6_7 hdr ps.jpg
Fishing at SunriseGary Hamer
_MG_8502_3_4_hdr crop~0.jpg
Curtain FallsGary Hamer
_MG_8726 horseshoe sunset.jpg
Sunset Paddle, Horseshoe LakeGary Hamer
_MG_8751_2_3_hdr ps.jpg
Canoe at SunsetGary Hamer
_MG_8941 Lower Pauness ps.jpg
Lower Pauness LakeGary Hamer
Devils CascadeGary Hamer
Devils CascadeGary Hamer
_MG_9053 canoe and campfire Caribou Lake ps.jpg
Campfire and CanoeGary Hamer
_MG_9730 cardinal in ice.jpg
Male Cardinal After an Ice StormGary Hamer