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30-eagle in flowers.jpg
Eagle in wildflowersCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-godwit 1 copy copy.jpg
Marbled Godwit w/ lupine bkgdCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-golden eagle.jpg
Golden eagle take-offCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-king penguin full length.jpg
King penguinCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-king penguin portrait.jpg
King penguin portraitCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-loon running.jpg
Red-throated loonCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-loon with chick getting on back.jpg
Loon chick climbing on backCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-loon with chick on back and crayfish.JPG
Loon chick and crayfishCharles (Chas) Glatzer
Steller's Sea Eagle, JapanCharles (Chas) Glatzer
Bosque this morningCharles (Chas) Glatzer
eagle sunset.jpg
Eagle with alpineglowCharles (Chas) Glatzer