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30-bear at rest.jpg
Bear at restCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-bear in tree.jpg
Blk bear in treeCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-bear running after salmon.jpg
Brown bear running after salmonCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-bear with fish.jpg
Brown bear with fishCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-black bear bc.JPG
Black bear with fish, BCCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-eagle in flowers.jpg
Eagle in wildflowersCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-godwit 1 copy copy.jpg
Marbled Godwit w/ lupine bkgdCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-golden eagle.jpg
Golden eagle take-offCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-hippo yawn copy.jpg
Hippo yawnCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-king penguin full length.jpg
King penguinCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-king penguin portrait.jpg
King penguin portraitCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-loon eating mud-puppy.jpg
Loon eating mud puppyCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-loon running.jpg
Red-throated loonCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-loon with chick getting on back.jpg
Loon chick climbing on backCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-loon with chick on back and crayfish.JPG
Loon chick and crayfishCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-pileated w chicks copy copy.jpg
Pileated with chicksCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-standing bears.jpg
Brown bears sparringCharles (Chas) Glatzer
30-untitled-1 copy.jpg
Bears in waterCharles (Chas) Glatzer
Steller's Sea Eagle, JapanCharles (Chas) Glatzer
Bosque this morningCharles (Chas) Glatzer
eagle sunset.jpg
Eagle with alpineglowCharles (Chas) Glatzer
Manatee in profileCharles (Chas) Glatzer