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Allen_s Hummingbird_NatureScape_2017-7189.jpg
Allen Hummingbird Tom Ingram
American Kestrel_NatureScape_2017-1331.jpg
American kestrelTom Ingram
Barred Owl_Overstreet FL_2017-0834.jpg
Barred OwlsTom Ingram
Broad-billed Hummingbird_Az_2017-.jpg
Broad-billed HummingbirdTom Ingram
California Condor_Big Sur_California_2017-.jpg
California CondorTom Ingram
Grace_s Warbler_Arizona_2017-.jpg
Grace's WarblerTom Ingram
Pigeon Point Lighthouse_California_2017-7684.jpg
Pigeon Point Lighthouse with Milky Way & MeteorTom Ingram
Purple Gallinule_NatureScape_2017-3405.jpg
Purple GallinuleTom Ingram
Red-tailed Hawk_NatureScape_2017-6597.jpg
Red-tailed Hawk (Juvenile) Tom Ingram
Spectacled Eider_NatureScape_2017-.jpg
Spectacled EiderTom Ingram
Tufted Puffin_NatureScape.jpg
Tufted PuffinTom Ingram
Western Kingbird_California_2017-1891.jpg
Western Kingbird with Nesting material Tom Ingram
Willow Ptarmigan_Nome_Alaska_2017-.jpg
Willow PtarmiganTom Ingram
Yellow-billed Magpie_NatureScape_2017-6671.jpg
Yellow-billed MagpieTom Ingram