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11x16 Cicada_MG_3978.jpg
Cicada on branchLaura Stiefel
Barred Owl-(C) Back to the Wild-ONWR-10-08_MG_5331.jpg
Barred Owl (c) perchedLaura Stiefel
BBSP Disply-MBSP.jpg
Buff-breasted Sandpiper wing displayLaura Stiefel
BBSP- walking_MG_9117.jpg
Buff-breasted Sandpiper walkingLaura Stiefel
BBWD profile_MG_1864.jpg
Black Bellied Whistling Duck profileLaura Stiefel
Black-Bellied Plover-Whitefish Point-UP-6-06_MG_4214-1.jpg
Black-bellied Plover on pebblesLaura Stiefel
Buff-breasted Sandpiper at water's edgeLaura Stiefel
Copy (2) of Virginia Rail-ONWR-5-08_MG_1873.jpg
Virginia Rail hunting in MarshLaura Stiefel
Copy of GGOW-Fence post-MN-2-05-CRW_3960.jpg
Great-gray Owl on fence postLaura Stiefel
Copy of January-Snowy Owl.jpg
Snowy Owl with cupped wings landingLaura Stiefel
Copy of LEOW-Home-12-07_MG_0405-1.jpg
Long-eared Owl in evergreenLaura Stiefel
Copy of SEOW.jpg
Short-eared Owl perchedLaura Stiefel
Copy of Snowy Owl_MG_2914.jpg
Snowy Owl with wings up landingLaura Stiefel
Copy of Snowy-Barn-Diagonal_MG_2797.jpg
Snowy Owl and barn diagonalLaura Stiefel
copy Sora Rail-ONWR-4-27-08_MG_1975 copy.jpg
Sora hunting in MarshLaura Stiefel
Female WODU-Gold Water- N.Chagrin 10-06_MG_8871.jpg
Wood Duck Hen on golden waterLaura Stiefel
Kirtland's WarblerLaura Stiefel
Least SP-Conneaut 8-06_MG_5269.jpg
Least Sandpiper with raised footLaura Stiefel
Least SP-Raised Foot-Whitefish PT-8-07_MG_8778.jpg
Semi-palmated Sandpiper on pebblesLaura Stiefel
Least SP-Shadow- Whitefish Pt-8-07_MG_8704.jpg
Semi-palmated Sandpiper on pebbles with shadowLaura Stiefel
Luna Moth on flowerLaura Stiefel
Mantis in flames _MG_7932.jpg
Praying Mantis in grassesLaura Stiefel
Marbled Godwit- Leg up-11-06_MG_2548-La Jolla CA.jpg
Marbled Godwit with raised footLaura Stiefel
March-Immature Hooded Merg- Green Water_N. Chagriin 10-06MG_~0.jpg
Hooded Merganser- Immature Male on green waterLaura Stiefel
NHOW-Both Eyes_MG_2876.jpg
Northern Hawk Owl on BirchLaura Stiefel
Northern Shrike-Juvi-MBSP-11-07_MG_0048.jpg
Northern Shrike- ImmatureLaura Stiefel
Northern Shrike1-Juvi-MPSB-Horizontal-11-07_MG_0047.jpg
Northern Shrike- Immature from the sideLaura Stiefel
Piping Plover-Metzger-4-07_MG_6360.jpg
Piping Plover on Zebra Mussel beachLaura Stiefel
Ring around the collar-Ring-necked Drake_MG_5530.jpg
Ring Necked Duck on blue waterLaura Stiefel
Wood Duck Drake grinning.jpg
Wood Duck Drake on fall colored waterLaura Stiefel
Woodcock in underbrushLaura Stiefel