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Autumn Leaves HS7W1665a Ccopy.jpg
Autumn LeavesFrederick Lat Correa
Autumn Leaves HS7W2310ab Ccopy.jpg
Autumn ColoursFrederick Lat Correa
Avocet Amer Flapping _S7W0678 Ccopy.jpg
American AvocetFrederick Lat Correa
Blackbird Red-wng Calling HS7W1000 Ccopy.jpg
Red-winged BlackbirdFrederick Lat Correa
Blackbird Red-wng in Flt HS7W1468 Ccopy.jpg
Red-winged BlackbirdFrederick Lat Correa
Bluebird Eastern IMG_3944 Ccopy.jpg
Eastern BluebirdFrederick Lat Correa
Bunting Painted IMG_5007aVert Ccopy.jpg
Painted BuntingFrederick Lat Correa
Coot American HS7W3372a Ccopy.jpg
American CootFrederick Lat Correa
Dragonfly in Flt HS7W3560 Ccopy.jpg
DragonflyFrederick Lat Correa
Dunlin _S7W0604 Ccopy.jpg
DunlinFrederick Lat Correa
Egret Great Landing HS7W3462a Ccopy.jpg
Great EgretFrederick Lat Correa
Egret Great with Fish HS7W3488 Ccopy.jpg
Great EgretFrederick Lat Correa
Godwitt Marbled HS7W2740 Ccopy.jpg
Marbled GodwitFrederick Lat Correa
Grebe Horned hs7w3834a Ccopy.jpg
Horned GrebeFrederick Lat Correa
Grebe Horned HS7W4166a Ccopy.jpg
Horned GrebeFrederick Lat Correa
Grebe Horned With Fish HS7W3992a Ccopy.jpg
Horned GrebeFrederick Lat Correa
Grebe Pied Bill 134_3420 Ccopy.jpg
Pied-billed GrebeFrederick Lat Correa
Grebe Red-necked feeding Chick _S7W1114 Ccopy.jpg
Red-necked GrebeFrederick Lat Correa
Grebe Red-necked with Chick _S7W1341 Ccopy a.jpg
Red-necked Grebe & ChickFrederick Lat Correa
Grosbeak Rose-brst HS7W4853a Ccopy.jpg
Rose-breasted GrosbeakFrederick Lat Correa
Heron Blk Crnd Nght HS7W8656a Ccopy.jpg
Black-crowned Night HeronFrederick Lat Correa
Heron Grt Blue in Flt in Marsh HS7W6534 Ccopy.jpg
Great Blue HeronFrederick Lat Correa
Hummingbird Ruby-throated Tongue HS7W9029a Ccopy.jpg
Ruby-throated HummingbirdFrederick Lat Correa
Kestrel Amer HS7W6728 Ccopy.jpg
American KestrelFrederick Lat Correa
Kinglet Golden-crnd HS7W1802a Ccopy.jpg
Golden-crowned KingletFrederick Lat Correa
Merganser Cmn in Flt HS7W0005a1 Ccopy.jpg
Common MergansersFrederick Lat Correa
Merganser HDD Male with morsel 132_3269 Ccopy.jpg
Hooded MerganserFrederick Lat Correa
Nuthatch Red-brst with Bug HS7W3703 Ccopy.jpg
Red-breasted NuthatchFrederick Lat Correa
Osprey With Fish HS7W5994a Ccopy.jpg
OspreyFrederick Lat Correa
Owl Grt Gray HS7W6954 Ccopy.jpg
Great Gray OwlFrederick Lat Correa
Owl Shrt-erd in Flt HS7W0845 Ccopy.jpg
Short-eared OwlFrederick Lat Correa
Owl Snowy in Flight _S7W3667 Ccopy.jpg
Snowy OwlFrederick Lat Correa
Parula Northern HS7W4006 Ccopy.jpg
Northern ParulaFrederick Lat Correa
Sandpiper Spotted HS7W7830avert Ccopy.jpg
Spotted SandpiperFrederick Lat Correa
Scaup Greater HS7W7538 Ccopy.jpg
Greater ScaupFrederick Lat Correa
Siskin Pine _S7W3739 Ccopy.jpg
Pine SiskinFrederick Lat Correa
Snipe Wilsons IMG_3949 Ccopy.jpg
Common SnipeFrederick Lat Correa
Sparrow Clay-coloured _S7W0425 Ccopy.jpg
Clay-coloured SparrowFrederick Lat Correa
Swan Mute with ice 106_0654a Ccopy.jpg
Mute SwansFrederick Lat Correa
Swans Trumpeter in flight 106_0631a Ccopy.jpg
Trumpeter SwansFrederick Lat Correa
Woodpecker Hairy 134_3434 Ccopy.jpg
Hairy WoodpeckerFrederick Lat Correa
Wren Sedge HS7W5966 Ccopy.jpg
Sedge WrenFrederick Lat Correa