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10 Toms 4x6 copy 13.jpg
10 TomsJoe Roybal
Backlit Turkey.jpg
Backlit WingspreadJoe Roybal
Big Catch-1.JPG
Catch of the WeekJoe Roybal
Bighorn Trio B -10 -158 -10s -10 -21, +5c,.jpg
Bighorn TrioJoe Roybal
Bighorn RamJoe Roybal
BobcatJoe Roybal
Brazos Peaks-1.JPG
Brazos PeaksJoe Roybal
Burrowing Owl and Prairie Dog-1.JPG
Burrowing Owl and Prairie DogJoe Roybal
Burrowing Owls-1.JPG
Burrowing Owls on Adobe WallJoe Roybal
Carlsbad Turkey-1.JPG
Carlsbad TomJoe Roybal
Coyote Chorus-1.JPG
Coyote ChorusJoe Roybal
Coyote Stretch-1.JPG
Coyote StretchJoe Roybal
Eagles with Grackles-1.JPG
Eagles and GracklesJoe Roybal
Great Egret Preening-1.JPG
Great Egret PreeningJoe Roybal
Great Egret with Crayfish-1.JPG
Great Egret with CrayfishJoe Roybal
Pheasant #4.jpg
PheasantJoe Roybal
Pheasant Displaying-1.JPG
Pheasant DisplayJoe Roybal
Prairie Chicken-1.JPG
Prairie ChickenJoe Roybal
RaccoonJoe Roybal
Red-winged Blackbirds-1.JPG
RedwingsJoe Roybal
RLG Courtyard.jpg
CourtyardJoe Roybal
RLG Morada.jpg
Morada at Rancho Las Golondrinas in InfraredJoe Roybal
RLG Raton Schoolhouse.jpg
Raton Schoolhouse at Rancho Las GolondrinasJoe Roybal
RLG Stairs.jpg
Stairway to ?Joe Roybal
RLG Wheel House.jpg
WheelhouseJoe Roybal
Roadrunner on Scope-1.JPG
Roadrunner on ScopeJoe Roybal
RoadrunnerJoe Roybal
Salt Circles-1.JPG
Salt CirclesJoe Roybal
Sandhill Crane-1.JPG
Sandhill CraneJoe Roybal
Snow Goose#4C2.jpg
Incoming Snow GooseJoe Roybal
Snow GeeseJoe Roybal
Turtle with Blue Damsel-1.JPG
Turtle with Blue DamselJoe Roybal
White Faced Ibis-1.JPG
White Faced IbisJoe Roybal
Wild Stallion Posturing-1.JPG
Wild Stallion Face-offJoe Roybal
Wild Stallions-1.JPG
Wild Stallion SkirmishJoe Roybal
White Sands TracksJoe Roybal
_DSC2684B 8x10 crop C.jpg
Joe Roybal
_DSC3015A show dog #8.jpg
Show DogJoe Roybal