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2 trees sunset.jpeg
2 Trees Summer SunsetTom Royce
american bullfrog ss88.jpg
American BullfrogTom Royce
august sunrise.jpg
August SunriseTom Royce
autumn grass w dew.jpg
Autumn Grass & Morning DewTom Royce
autumn ithaca waterfall.jpg
Autumn WaterfallsTom Royce
autumn sunset w thistles.jpg
November SunsetTom Royce
autumn sunset.jpg
Autumn SunsetTom Royce
autumn waterfall w foliage.jpg
Autumn waterfall & foliageTom Royce
Baltimore Oriole female.jpg
Baltimore Oriole, femaleTom Royce
Baltimore Oriole male.jpg
Baltimore Oriole, maleTom Royce
black mushrooms.jpg
Black MushroomsTom Royce
blue flag ss88.jpg
Blue FlagTom Royce
blue jay.jpg
Blue JayTom Royce
blue sky n clouds refected in river.jpg
Sky & Clouds RelectionsTom Royce
bluebird female.jpg
Eastern Bluebird, femaleTom Royce
bluebird male.jpg
Eastern Bluebird, maleTom Royce
buckeye october.jpg
Buckeye ButterflyTom Royce
cabbage white.jpg
Cabbage White ButterflyTom Royce
canada geese ss100.jpg
Canada GeeseTom Royce
canada lilies ss88.jpg
Canada LiliesTom Royce
canada lily ss88.jpg
Canada LilyTom Royce
canada waterfall.jpg
Quebec, Canada Spring WaterfallTom Royce
canadian river scene ss80.jpg
Canadian River SceneTom Royce
cardinal male.jpg
Northern Cardinal, maleTom Royce
cedar waxwings.jpg
Cedar WaxwingsTom Royce
cherry blossoms ss88.jpg
Cherry BlossomsTom Royce
chickory ss88.jpg
ChickoryTom Royce
chipmunk ss88.jpg
Eastern ChipmunkTom Royce
chipping sparrow nest ss88.jpg
Chipping Sparrow NestTom Royce
clouded sulphur.jpg
Clouded Sulphur ButterflyTom Royce
comma underwing ss 120.jpg
Comma ButterflyTom Royce
cottontail rabbit april.jpg
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit, AprilTom Royce
cottontail rabbit under leaves ss 70.jpg
Eastern Cottontail RabbitTom Royce
daffodils under snow ss 70.jpg
Daffodils Under SnowTom Royce
december sunset.jpg
December SunsetTom Royce
deptford pink ss100.jpg
Deptford Pink FlowerTom Royce
dried autumn grass ss88.jpg
Autumn Dried GrassTom Royce
eastern tailed blue ss120.jpg
Eastern Tailed Blue ButterflyTom Royce
evening primrose ss70.jpg
Evening PrimroseTom Royce
fern rock ss70.jpg
Fern Growing in RockTom Royce
flatwoods plum ss88.jpg
Wild PlumsTom Royce
fritillary and bees ss 120.jpg
Fritillary Butterfly & Bees on Milkweed FlowerTom Royce
golden winter sunset.jpg
Golden Winter SunsetTom Royce
goshawk ss70.jpg
Northern Goshawk, immatureTom Royce
hector hillside foliage ss55.jpg
Autumn Foliage HillsideTom Royce
honeybee on crocus +8b 4c ss88.jpg
Honeybee on CrocusTom Royce
Slate Colored JuncoTom Royce
magnolia blossom.jpg
Magnolia BlossomTom Royce
maple lealves against blue sky ss88.jpg
Maple Leaves & Blue SkyTom Royce
maple leaves macro ss88.jpg
Maple Leaves MacroTom Royce
mayapple flower ss70.jpg
Mayapple FlowerTom Royce
milkweed pods.jpg
Milkweed Pods in Seed, AutumnTom Royce
monarch underwing.jpg
Monarch Butterfly, UnderwingTom Royce
mourning cloak ss120.jpg
Mourning Cloak ButterflyTom Royce
november sunset fiery clouds.jpg
November Sunset w/ Fiery CloudsTom Royce
painted turtles ss150.jpg
Painted TurtlesTom Royce
pickerel weed ss70.jpg
Pickerel WeedTom Royce
pine bough with snow.jpg
Pine Bough w/ SnowTom Royce
pink tulip macro +8b 4c ss100.jpg
Pink TulipTom Royce
porcupine ss100.jpg
North American PorcupineTom Royce
queen anne_s lace sunset.jpg
Queen Anne's Lace SunsetTom Royce
question mark underwing.jpg
Question Mark Buttefly, UnderwingTom Royce
Rainbow in Stormy SkyTom Royce
red admiral ss120.jpg
Red Admiral ButterflyTom Royce
red admiral underwing ss120~0.jpg
Red Admiral Butterfly, UnderwingTom Royce
red clover ss80.jpg
Red CloverTom Royce
red clover sunset.jpg
Red Clover SunsetTom Royce
red spotted purple ss120.jpg
Red-Spotted Purple ButterflyTom Royce
red spotted purple underwing ss120.jpg
Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly, UnderwingTom Royce
redstart male.jpg
American Redstart, maleTom Royce
restart female.jpg
American Redstart, femaleTom Royce
American RobinTom Royce
rwb nest ss70.jpg
Red-Winged Blackbird NestTom Royce
rwb nest w cowbird egg ss50~0.jpg
Red Winged Blackbird nest parasitized by CowbirdTom Royce
sea oats sunset.jpg
Sea Oats SunsetTom Royce
september sunrise.jpg
Last Day of Summer SunriseTom Royce
spring crocus ss88.jpg
Spring CrocusTom Royce
spring peeper.jpg
Spring PeeperTom Royce
sunset curve.jpg
Canada Sunset CurveTom Royce
sunset maple leaf.jpg
Sunset Through Maple LeafTom Royce
sunset meadow.jpg
Meadow SunsetTom Royce
sunset panaroma.jpg
Panorama SunsetTom Royce
sunset rays through storm clouds.jpg
Sunset Rays & Storm CloudsTom Royce
sunset row of crabapple trees.jpeg
Winter Row of Trees SunsetTom Royce
sunset under old tree roots.jpeg
Sunset Under Old Tree RootsTom Royce
sunset w scrubby trees.jpg
Sunset w/ Scrubby TreesTom Royce
sunset water-like clouds.jpg
Sunset w/ Water-Like CloudsTom Royce
taughannock falls winter.jpg
Upstate NY Waterfall, winterTom Royce
tiger swallowtail.jpg
Tiger Swallowtail ButterflyTom Royce
veery nest.jpg
Veery NestTom Royce
wild apple fruit.jpg
Wild AppleTom Royce
wild columbine ss90 best.jpg
Wild ColumbineTom Royce
winter sunset.jpg
Winter SunsetTom Royce
woodcock bird feather.jpg
Woodcock Bird FeatherTom Royce
yellowthroat nest corrected.jpg
Common Yellowthroat Nest w/ 3 eggsTom Royce