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Harp SealRobert Doiron
44112-_02K1886Balmoral NB(2)PBase.jpg
Snow BuntingRobert Doiron
44112-_02K2366Dalhousie NBNaturescapes3.jpg
Purple Sandpiper - low angleRobert Doiron
Snowy PloverRobert Doiron
44112-_02K7264Balmoral NBNaturescapes.jpg
Evening GrosbeakRobert Doiron
44112-_02K7727Balmoral NBPNaturescapes.jpg
American GoldfinchRobert Doiron
44112-_MG_0029Eel River Bar NB(2)Naturescapes.jpg
Barrow's Goldeneye - flockRobert Doiron
44112-_MG_0209Maisonnette NB(improved)3Naturescapes3.jpg
Red Knot - juvenile eating clamRobert Doiron
44112-_MG_0823Balmoral NBNaturescapes.jpg
Common Redpoll - femaleRobert Doiron
44112-_MG_1006Eel River Bar NB(2)PNaturescapes.jpg
Barrow's Goldeneye - maleRobert Doiron
44112-_MG_1068Eel River Bar NB(2)Naturescapes2.jpg
Barrow's Goldeneye - maleRobert Doiron
44112-_MG_1276Eel River Bar NBNaturescapes.jpg
Barrow's Goldeneye - femaleRobert Doiron
Copy of _02K9627Chaplin Lake SKPBasetiffnaturescapes.jpg
Red-necked PhalaropeRobert Doiron
Northern Hawk OwlRobert Doiron
_02K0169Chaplin SKPBasetiffno2PBASE2.jpg
Yellow-headed BlackbirdRobert Doiron
_02K0204Balmoral NBPBase3.jpg
Hoary RedpollRobert Doiron
_02K0751Chaplin Lake SKPnaturescapes.jpg
American AvocetRobert Doiron
_02K1012Chaplin Lake SKtiff3naturescapes2.jpg
American AvocetRobert Doiron
_02K1288Balmoral NBNaturescapes.jpg
Common Redpoll - maleRobert Doiron
Long-billed CurlewRobert Doiron
Snowy EgretRobert Doiron
_02K6706Dalhousie NBNaturescapes.jpg
Double-crested CormorantRobert Doiron
LimpkinRobert Doiron
_MG_0125Maisonnette NBPBase5.jpg
Semipalmated Plover - adult eating wormRobert Doiron
_MG_0147Eel River Bar NBno2(700wide)NatureScapes.jpg
American Golden-PloverRobert Doiron
Long-billed CurlewRobert Doiron
Snail KiteRobert Doiron
_MG_0329Balmoral NBNaturescapes.jpg
Common RedpollRobert Doiron
_MG_0485Eel River Bar NBNaturescapes3.jpg
Common x Barrow's Goldeneye HYBRID - maleRobert Doiron
_MG_0487Eel River Bar NBNaturescapes2.jpg
Common Goldeneye - maleRobert Doiron
_MG_0557Balmoral NBNatureScapes.jpg
Blue JayRobert Doiron
_MG_1026Kirkland Lake Ont Naturescapes3.jpg
Common LoonRobert Doiron