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Bald eagle4 022110editedcropped800 copy.jpg
Bald eagle with branchBob Kothenbeutel
Bald eagle5 022110editedcropped800 copy.jpg
Bald eagle with branch #2Bob Kothenbeutel
Bald eagle9 021510edit2cropped800 copy.jpg
Bald eagleBob Kothenbeutel
Belted kingfisher3 110908croppededited750 copy.jpg
Belted kingfisher - open wideBob Kothenbeutel
Canada goose1 011810croppededited800 copy.jpg
Canada gooseBob Kothenbeutel
Canvasback1 032210.jpg
Canvasback drakeBob Kothenbeutel
Cedar waxwing1 060809edited750 copy.jpg
Cedar waxwingBob Kothenbeutel
Common crow1 010910editedcrop2800 copy.jpg
Common crowBob Kothenbeutel
Common golden-eye4 011010editedcropped800 copy.jpg
Common golden-eye drake flappingBob Kothenbeutel
Common yellowthroat4 060709editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Common yellowthroat male #4Bob Kothenbeutel
Coot1 033110.jpg
American coot - graceful landingBob Kothenbeutel
Gadwall2 030209edited2cropped750 copy.jpg
Gadwall drake in morning hazeBob Kothenbeutel
Goldfinch1 082309editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Goldfinch on mossy branchBob Kothenbeutel
Gray partridge17 032109editedcropped800 copy.jpg
Gray partridge in snowBob Kothenbeutel
Great blue heron11 120509editedcrop1750 copy.jpg
Great blue heron with voleBob Kothenbeutel
Harlequin duck17 032710 .jpg
Harlequin duckBob Kothenbeutel
Harlequin duck7 041109editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Harlequin drake #7Bob Kothenbeutel
Harlequin2 012310editedcropped800 copy.jpg
Harlequin duck drakeBob Kothenbeutel
Harlequin7 012310editedcropped800 copy.jpg
Harlequin duck femaleBob Kothenbeutel
Long-tailed duck2 011610editedcropped800 copy.jpg
Long-tailed duck drakeBob Kothenbeutel
Long-tailed duck4 112308crop3edited750 copy.jpg
Long-tailed duckBob Kothenbeutel
Long-tailed duck5 011610editedcropped800 copy.jpg
Long-tailed duck femaleBob Kothenbeutel
Macgillivrays warbler4 071209editedcrop2750 copy.jpg
MacGillivray's warbler male #4Bob Kothenbeutel
Marbled godwit1 091909edit2cropped750 copy.jpg
Marbled godwit in flight #1Bob Kothenbeutel
Marbled godwit12 091909editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Marbled godwit in flight #12Bob Kothenbeutel
Mountain bluebird1 032109editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Mountain bluebird male #6Bob Kothenbeutel
Northern harrier1 021510editedcropped800 copy.jpg
Northern harrier femaleBob Kothenbeutel
Northern harrier1 110109editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Northern harrier - eye contactBob Kothenbeutel
Northern harrier2 021510editedcropped800 copy.jpg
Northern harrier femaleBob Kothenbeutel
Northern harrier3 041709rotatededitedcropped750 copy.jpg
Northern harrier lifting offBob Kothenbeutel
Northern harrier4 120409editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Northern harrier male huntingBob Kothenbeutel
Peregrine falco3 010310edit5800 copy.jpg
Peregrine falcon in flightBob Kothenbeutel
Peregrine falcon1 010310edit5800 copy.jpg
Peregrine falconBob Kothenbeutel
Red-breasted merganser2 011610editedcrop2800 copy.jpg
Red-breasted merganser drake in flightBob Kothenbeutel
Red-breasted sapsucker1 051809editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Red-breasted sapsuckerBob Kothenbeutel
Red-tailed hawk1 112709edit2cropped750 copy.jpg
Red-tailed hawk in flight #1Bob Kothenbeutel
Red-tailed hawk2 032710.jpg
Red-tailed hawkBob Kothenbeutel
Red-tailed hawk2 112109editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Red-tailed hawk in autumn leavesBob Kothenbeutel
Red-winged blackbird2 042509editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Red-winged blackbird displaying #2Bob Kothenbeutel
Rough-legged hawk1 022110editedcrop2800 copy.jpg
Rough-legged hawkBob Kothenbeutel
Rough-legged hawk1 110109editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Rough-legged hawk lifting offBob Kothenbeutel
Rufous hummingbird2 072009editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Rufous hummingbir juvenileBob Kothenbeutel
Short-billed dowitcher13 110109croppededit2750 copy.jpg
Long-billed dowitcher touching downBob Kothenbeutel
Snow goose7 102409editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Snow goose - flaps downBob Kothenbeutel
Snow goose8 102409editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Snow goose #8Bob Kothenbeutel
Sooty grouse17 052209edit2crop2800 copy.jpg
Sooty grouse struttingBob Kothenbeutel
Spotted sandpiper3 081509edit2cropped750 copy.jpg
Spotted sandpiper #3Bob Kothenbeutel
Varied thrush2 033009edited750 copy.jpg
Varied thrush in habitatBob Kothenbeutel
Virginia rail1 040310.jpg
Virginia railBob Kothenbeutel
Western tanager1 071809editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Western tanager male #1Bob Kothenbeutel
Wood duck1 040210.jpg
Wood duck drakeBob Kothenbeutel