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16622-Elf Owl 0092.jpg
Elf OwlRick Bowers
16622-Elf Owl 0094.jpg
Elf OwlRick Bowers
16622-Flammulated Owl 0034.jpg
Flammulated OwlRick Bowers
Antelope Jackrabbit 0018.jpg
Antelope Jackrabbit flashing white sidesRick Bowers
Bald Eagle 0016.jpg
Bald EagleRick Bowers
Bald Eagle 0053.jpg
Bald EagleRick Bowers
Baltimore Checkerspot 0010.jpg
Baltimore CheckerspotRick Bowers
Boat-billed Heron 0010.jpg
Boat-billed HeronRick Bowers
Clay-colored Sparrow 0006.jpg
Clay-colored SparrowRick Bowers
Flammulated Owl 0015.jpg
Flammulated OwlRick Bowers
Gambel_s Quail 0044.jpg
Gambel's Quail with Parry's PenstemonRick Bowers
Green Hermit 0002.jpg
Green HermitRick Bowers
Kit Fox 0003.jpg
Kit Fox at denRick Bowers
Monarch 0049.jpg
MonarchRick Bowers
Northern Harrier 0003.jpg
Northern Harrier maleRick Bowers
Passerini_s Tanager 0004.jpg
Passerini's Tanager maleRick Bowers
Red-footed Booby 0043.jpg
Red-footed BoobyRick Bowers
Redhead 0016.jpg
Redhead displayingRick Bowers
Ross_ Goose 0004.jpg
Ross' GooseRick Bowers
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 0015.jpg
Scissor-tailed FlycatcherRick Bowers
Sedge Wren 0002.jpg
Sedge WrenRick Bowers
Short-tailed Hawk 0001.jpg
Short-tailed Hawk with lizardRick Bowers