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Wild Stallions-1.JPG
Wild Stallion SkirmishJoe Roybal
Wild Stallion Posturing-1.JPG
Wild Stallion Face-offJoe Roybal
White Sands TracksJoe Roybal
White Faced Ibis-1.JPG
White Faced IbisJoe Roybal
RLG Wheel House.jpg
WheelhouseJoe Roybal
Turtle with Blue Damsel-1.JPG
Turtle with Blue DamselJoe Roybal
RLG Stairs.jpg
Stairway to ?Joe Roybal
Snow GeeseJoe Roybal
_DSC3015A show dog #8.jpg
Show DogJoe Roybal
Sandhill Crane-1.JPG
Sandhill CraneJoe Roybal
Salt Circles-1.JPG
Salt CirclesJoe Roybal
Roadrunner on Scope-1.JPG
Roadrunner on ScopeJoe Roybal
RoadrunnerJoe Roybal
Red-winged Blackbirds-1.JPG
RedwingsJoe Roybal
RLG Raton Schoolhouse.jpg
Raton Schoolhouse at Rancho Las GolondrinasJoe Roybal
RaccoonJoe Roybal
Prairie Chicken-1.JPG
Prairie ChickenJoe Roybal
Pheasant Displaying-1.JPG
Pheasant DisplayJoe Roybal
Pheasant #4.jpg
PheasantJoe Roybal
RLG Morada.jpg
Morada at Rancho Las Golondrinas in InfraredJoe Roybal
Snow Goose#4C2.jpg
Incoming Snow GooseJoe Roybal
Great Egret with Crayfish-1.JPG
Great Egret with CrayfishJoe Roybal
Great Egret Preening-1.JPG
Great Egret PreeningJoe Roybal
Eagles with Grackles-1.JPG
Eagles and GracklesJoe Roybal
Coyote Stretch-1.JPG
Coyote StretchJoe Roybal
Coyote Chorus-1.JPG
Coyote ChorusJoe Roybal
RLG Courtyard.jpg
CourtyardJoe Roybal
Big Catch-1.JPG
Catch of the WeekJoe Roybal
Carlsbad Turkey-1.JPG
Carlsbad TomJoe Roybal
Burrowing Owls-1.JPG
Burrowing Owls on Adobe WallJoe Roybal
Burrowing Owl and Prairie Dog-1.JPG
Burrowing Owl and Prairie DogJoe Roybal
Brazos Peaks-1.JPG
Brazos PeaksJoe Roybal
BobcatJoe Roybal
Bighorn Trio B -10 -158 -10s -10 -21, +5c,.jpg
Bighorn TrioJoe Roybal
Bighorn RamJoe Roybal
Backlit Turkey.jpg
Backlit WingspreadJoe Roybal
10 Toms 4x6 copy 13.jpg
10 TomsJoe Roybal
_DSC2684B 8x10 crop C.jpg
Joe Roybal