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wild iris leaves.jpg
wils iris leavesEric Perkins
wild rose.jpg
wild roseEric Perkins
white mushrooms #2.jpg
white mushrooms #2Eric Perkins
white mushrooms #1.jpg
white mushrooms #1Eric Perkins
twig after ice storm.jpg
twig after ice stormEric Perkins
spruce grouse.jpg
spruce grouseEric Perkins
snail on kelp.jpg
snail on kelpEric Perkins
rockweed #2.jpg
rockweed #2Eric Perkins
rockweed #1.jpg
rockweed #1Eric Perkins
pussywillowsEric Perkins
plant skeletons in snow.jpg
plant skeletons in snowEric Perkins
pine tree.jpg
pine treeEric Perkins
orange hawkweed.jpg
orange hawkweedEric Perkins
october wild rose.jpg
october wild roseEric Perkins
mushrooms #2.jpg
mushrooms #2Eric Perkins
mushrooms #1.jpg
mushrooms #1Eric Perkins
lichen on granite.jpg
lichen on graniteEric Perkins
horse chesnut blossom.jpg
horse chesnut blossomEric Perkins
greenEric Perkins
grass pink.jpg
grass pinkEric Perkins
crab claw at low tide.jpg
crab claw at low tideEric Perkins
carring place, hancock, maine.jpg
Carrying PlaceEric Perkins
birchbarkEric Perkins
birch in snow.jpg
birch in snowEric Perkins
autumn leaves #1.jpg
autumn leaves #1Eric Perkins
90 year old telephone pole.jpg
90 year old telephone poleEric Perkins