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Varied thrush2 033009edited750 copy.jpg
Varied thrush in habitatBob Kothenbeutel
Fall and Lamp PostsKen Kovak
Passel of American CootsPaul Klenck
Rufous hummingbird2 072009editedcropped750 copy.jpg
Rufous hummingbir juvenileBob Kothenbeutel
Rudolph, The LionKiran Khanzode
Great Gray Owl in the rainAndreas Kanon
Wood duck1 040210.jpg
Wood duck drakeBob Kothenbeutel
Pied Kingfisher with CatchMitchell Krog
Bald eagle9 021510edit2cropped800 copy.jpg
Bald eagleBob Kothenbeutel
Red-breasted merganser2 011610editedcrop2800 copy.jpg
Red-breasted merganser drake in flightBob Kothenbeutel