2010 Images of the Year
Previous Cliff Swallow Back from Grocery Store
© Lynn Schmid

This was my third year working on these busy homemakers, and by now I have dialed in the optimum hour to show up, along with knowing the angle and camera settings, to work most efficiently. This photograph was taken in Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, CA. When working handheld, shoulder and concentration exhaustion quickly set in, so an hour and ten minutes is the maximum amount of time I will photograph for. During nesting season, there's no lack of subject as they are quite busy bringing mud, nesting material or food back and forth - all in a Cliff Swallow's day of work!

Equipment Used: Canon 1D Mark IV, 200 f2 + 2.0 XT, 1/4000 @ f/5.6, ISO 500, handheld.

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