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Image © David Fletcher
Wet Lion by David Fletcher

Nakuru National Park, Kenya, October 2008. I'd been traveling along the southern shores of the lake when a huge thunderstorm rolled in one afternoon. The rain hit me and my driver within seconds, and we frantically bolted all of the hatches before we got more drenched than we already were. We decided to head for the nearest woods where we hoped to find a known pride of lion and twenty minutes later we hit the jackpot. If it hadn't been raining, we'd never have seen them as they were tucked up in the long grass, but the rain got them up to hunt. The pride consisted of one cub, three females and two brothers. Two of the females got up to hunt, presumably using the storm and lightening as cover. On seeing them rise, the males surfaced, popping up from nowhere. This one stopped, not looking too happy about the rain. I used the motor drive on my camera to capture this fleeting look, which only lasted for a single frame.

Nikon D300, 500mm f/4 AF-S II, 1/125s, f/4, ISO 800, beanbag.

About the Photographer
David Fletcher has been married to his wife Jane for nearly thirteen years and they have two children, Poppy, 11, and Joshua, 7. David has had an interest in wildlife since he was a small child and taught himself photography. Although he has spent the past twenty years working in finance, he remains a country boy at heart and is learning to speak Swahili.


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