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Previous Cirque de Gavarnie - French Pyrenees
Image © Alexandre Vaz
Cirque de Gavarnie - French Pyrenees by Alexandre Vaz

This image was made during a three day hike in the western Pyrenees in Gavarnie valley last June. I was with a friend and we were carrying just a little over 20 pounds (10kg) each, including sleeping bags, mattresses, tent, water and food, so I was only carrying my camera EOS 30D and the 16-35L. This image of my friend was taken hand held just as we climbed over the clouds.

About the Photographer
Alexandre Vaz is a photojournalist and reporter who started out as an photographer. He now portrays and reflects on the every day contradictions in modern society. Alexandre works mostly in his native country, Portugal, but also overseas.


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