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Image © Rafael Rojas
Dead Vlein by Night by Rafael Rojas

Here I come now with my humble photographic contribution to a place that no photographer will never be able to make justice with a photo. It is really a place made for a landscape photographer, a real playground for the light as it flickers away at the beginning and the end of the day.

Shot made during a couple of days before full moon. That night, we waited till the moon's height was such the shade of the tree could be taken into the shot, being "linked" with the projection of the branch. The powerful moon light gave lots of details to the landscape while being able to record the star filled sky. The bonus, the vaporous clouds that came during the night and that fill areas of the sky without merging with the branches. In terms of quality, i had to sacrifice it a little in terms of iso (so that the stars were not blurred) and in terms of aperture (2.8, so that the sensor could "see" more stars). Photography is compromise!

Taken during our last trip to Namibia (see more in, last additions gallery).

About the Photographer
Rafel is a nature photographer living in Switzerland. Visit his website and blog to learn more.


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