Peregrine Falcon with prey
Image copyright Bob Steele

On a January afternoon at the Salton Sea, my good friend, Garth McElroy, and I were sitting by the side of an impoundment pond waiting for the occasional shorebird to wander by. What we got was much more – nature in action. Her stoop came from behind us; the shorebirds in front were the target. I was able to get my lens on her just after the kill, lock focus, and follow her and the stilt out of the pond. It was a unique experience, certainly never to be forgotten. Canon EOS 1D MkII, 500mm f/4 IS, 2X TC II, 1/640s @ f/10, ISO 400, Gitzo 1325.

About the Photographer

I have been involved in birding and bird photography for over 20 years. I live in bird-rich Kern County, California. This area is centrally located at the convergence of multiple bioregions, giving the opportunity to photograph many avian subjects. I have traveled throughout North America and to Costa Rica and Australia to photograph species not available at home. For more information, please go to and