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by Phil Shaw on Thu May 30, 2024 2:30 pm
Phil Shaw
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I built my current system towards the end of the Windows 7 OS lifecycle and up-graded to Windows 10 pro - no problem.  I have upgraded the GPU, added some storage, but little else.  It still works well enough for me not to need to up-grade the capability.  The machine doesn't tho' meet the requirements for Windows 11 - CPU is not supported and the Motherboard doesn't meet the secure boot firmware requirement.

I'm sure that other folks are in this situation.  What are people thinking?

I don't want to essentially throw away a perfectly good computer for the image processing tasks for which it is mainly used.  At the same time I see more and more threats out there trying to get me to click on this or download that, which so far I have mangaed to avoid.

Also some of the spyware stuff which seems to be integrated into Windows 11 is rather disconcerting - obviously you can turn some of/(all?) this stuff off if you are aware of it.  For me, as an Adobe Photoshop user, if Photoshop XX is no longer running on Windows 10 in the future, I will have to up-grade to 11, but I will be rather peeved.

Then how long before Windows 12 comes along - groundhog day!

Just wondering how some of the folks who are into wildlife and nature photography like me, are thinking about this.
Phil Shaw
Essex, UK

by E.J. Peiker on Fri May 31, 2024 5:38 pm
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E.J. Peiker
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I have a system on Windows 7, two on 10, and one on 11 - I'm not doing anything to any of them :)

That said, I do like Win 11 A LOT better than Win 10 - the user interface is so much better.

by Phil Shaw on Sat Jun 01, 2024 3:24 pm
Phil Shaw
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Joined: 25 Aug 2003
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E.J. Peiker wrote: IThat said, I do like Win 11 A LOT better than Win 10 - the user interface is so much better.
Good to know your thoughts.  Haven't tried Win 11 yet - one of my laptops is anxious to go there.
Phil Shaw
Essex, UK

by PullmanPhotographer on Wed Jun 05, 2024 4:35 pm
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I wasn't planning on doing anything but had to reboot today and ran into a series of screens which basically forced me to download Windows 11 so I guess that I'll go there. 

To add to this - I was being told by the Windows Upgrade software that my desktop was not Windows 11 compatible. To me this was obviously wrong so I finally looked into it. Windows 11 requires that TPM, Trusted Platform Module, 2.0 be enabled and mine wasn't. I enabled it following Microsofts instructions and I instantly became Windows 11 compatible. Although I thought that I had blocked the upgrade my desktop was upgraded to Windows 11 last night. So far things are fine with only a few annoying changes that one has to figure out such as how to change the selected speaker but nothing has proven too difficult. 
Dave Ostrom

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by Langsey on Thu Jun 06, 2024 7:51 am
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I not going to do anything. Until I run into programs. I can't upgrade my computer to 11.
John Langsenkamp
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by Wildflower-nut on Thu Jun 06, 2024 4:16 pm
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It seems to me every other New operating system is a "great leap forward" which more likely than not lands flat on its face and then the next one is the great leap forward fixed. For that reason, I'd probably wait for 12.

by WJaekel on Tue Jun 18, 2024 9:27 am
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I've been exactly in the same situation as Phil. For now, I still use my i7-2600K Sandybridge Win 10 pro machine built in 2011 for photo editing. I had upgraded the GPS, RAM and additional internal HDDs, though. But the CPU isn't supported by win11, of course. However, the machine still works just fine for all my tasks including AI based applications in PS, Topaz, DxO PureRAW, C1 etc. though sometimes a bit slower, of course which doesn't matter for me. Nevertheless, I recently added a win 11 ProArt PC based on the setup and recommendations of the known Pugetsystems company which has no European business, unfortunately. But I was able to get exactly the same components here. That said, my current win10 PC is not able for video editing which was the main reason for investing in that additional win 11 machine. Of course, it will be suited for future software upgrades once they actually won't run on the old machine anymore. I still have to get familiar with the win11 interface, all the settings and options but in fact I don't like all the MS ads and notifications popping up in win 11 all the time. I have the feeling that there's more tracking and spyware from Microsoft in win11 compared to win 10pro


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