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by david fletcher on Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:55 am
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david fletcher
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thanks Greg, appreciate the time you take to respond to virtually every query, suggestion.
David Fletcher   Moderator.   Birds, Photo & Digital Art

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by ADKShooter on Fri Aug 14, 2020 9:09 pm
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Hi Greg,
I am a brand new lifetime member and I know I'm coming to your question about 4 years late, lol. I've been a serious shooter since the late 1970's but only switched to digital since 2015. As a pure shooter I think I can hold my own with most other nature photographers I've seen on this site but I have a VERY limited knowledge of the digital world. A combination of my family and friends helped to set me up on my computer and I have a very rudimentary I Mac system that is limited to LR 6 (stand alone) and the original NIK. Since I don't really care to get into many special effects it works well enough for me.

I've followed Naturescapes ever since I went digital. I am not on any social media as it doesn't interest me but I have always felt that your site is a friendly, information filled place to be and my friends who I shoot with have kind of talked me into joining. As I get more comfortable with the site I will be happy to comment on images, especially those that attract me in one way or another. I can't really comment on much in the way of post processing but will mostly limit myself to the image itself.

Anyways, I'm sure it will be a pleasure being a part of such a nice and diverse photo community.

by Danny Young on Tue Apr 11, 2023 6:17 am
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Danny Young
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Phew, this is an old one, but why not.

I was chatting to Carol the other day and yes it comes down to social media. It's killed a lot of forums off and certainly not helped others. it's a shame, it really is. It seems it's all about a like button rather than a conversation with people that have the same interest.

Then there's history and some things you just can't forget or the people. People are the main ones. History personally started with Jim, Donna, Greg, E.J. Guy, Chas, Tom, Nate and a heck of a lot of others I could name. Is there really any other better reason. It's been a long time between drinks as they say. I remember exactly why NSN was started, so all this comes down to history in my book.

Here we all enjoy and love nature, so there's a feeling there with others that are likewise. NSN has changed a lot, no doubt about that, but the love of what we see and do hasn't changed. It never will.

All the best and it might be an old one in here, but there ya go ;)


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