In search of the perfect backpack
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Author:  OntPhoto [ Tue Oct 05, 2021 12:51 am ]
Post subject:  In search of the perfect backpack

There is no such thing which is why I have purchased numerous camera backpacks over the years.  Or maybe I just haven't found the right one.  There is a bag for every purpose.

Based on my good experience with the Think Tank Glass Limo, I started to explore more of the Think Tank line of backpacks particularly the Street Walker model. There were two I was interested in, the Street Walker PRO and the regular model. 

Like anyone, I did my research online first, even contacting the vendor for advice.  I told them what camera and gear I was planning to carry, a DSLR with a battery grip and a smaller lens like the 70-200 2.8L + 1.4x or 100-400L IS.  They recommended the Street Walker PRO because of the battery grip.  They said the non-Pro version would put a strain on the zipper.  

So, I ordered the Pro model.  Nice bag but still felt a bit big to me.  I'm not going to order the non-Pro because apparently, it is not recommended for gripped cameras.

I still kept doing more research and saw in one video that someone had a gripped camera in the non-Pro bag.  I'm starting to have my doubts.  One person told me that he had both bags and he used the non-Pro model for home use and the Pro for travel.  Made sense.  When you read the dimensions of the 2 bags, it doesn't look like there is much of a difference in capacity.  I wouldn't want to end up buying a backpack too small for a gripped camera.  I already have the Pro.  Still, it kept nagging at me.  You have to try it to rule it out.  See for yourself which is the more appropriate bag.

So, I contacted the vendor again and asked, 'is it really worth trying the non-Pro model as the dimensions seem very similar to the Pro.  Doesn't seem like much difference.  The vendor rep said, 'the non-Pro is a much smaller bag'.  Much smaller?  Hard to see the difference even in the Think Tank demos on Youtube.  But when I was told that there is a noticeable difference, my curiosity had to be satisfied.  I will just return it if not what I want. 

So, I purchased the Street Walker non-Pro.  Was I ever surprised.  You need to see the bags side by side and I don't see any videos out there doing that.  The non-Pro version is much better for my needs.  Definitely less bulky and fits what I want in a much more compact form.  Now, I see why the other fella said he had both models.  One is definitely more compact and will do for everyday use.  I may even take it traveling.  Now I see why the vendor rep said the bags are noticeably different in size.  But they were wrong telling me it was not for a gripped camera.  

Street Walker Pro vs non-Pro

This view says it all.  Difference between the Street Walker Pro and Street Walker. 



Non-Pro with Canon 7D MK2, 1.4x, Canon 70-200 2.8L IS III and lens hood extended.  Wimberley Lens foot attached. Fits nicely.  Zips up comfortably with no strain on the zipper.  I think it will even fit a 1DX + grip. 

Pro version.  Same gear.

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