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by Craig Lipski on Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:33 pm
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Craig Lipski
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I'm an amateur/hobbyist.  I primarily shoot w/ a 1D MkIV.  My backup is an old 40D; fine for static subjects in good light; only 10Mp, but again, as a hobbyist, I'm not selling large prints.
I've been considering upgrading; the 6D II intrigues me (in spite of the naysayers on FM,) but the fact is that I shoot a lot more birds and bugs than I do landscapes, so maybe the 80D would be a better choice; more reach than the 6D, good high iso capabilites, af, and dynamic range, plenty of pixels for my purposes.
I don't shoot ultra-wide; maybe in the future, but right now I just dabble in landscapes.  I have a Tamron 17-40 4.0 - not the Canon 16-35, but it's been pretty good for me (most of the time.)
So, finally, to my question; If I wanted to shoot at, say, a full frame 28mm equivalent, that would be 17mm on the 80D - the widest my lens goes, but then again, I'm just using the central portion of the image - so; will distortion be more or less pronounced if I were to use the 80D vs. the 1D IV or the 6D II?

Thanks in advance.
Good light,

by E.J. Peiker on Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:26 pm
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E.J. Peiker
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Is the question - how does the distortion compare between a full frame camera at 28mm and an APS-C camera at 17mm using the same lens? If that is your question, it really depends a lot on the lens and how good it is in the corners at 28mm. Certainly the 17mm where you are cropping the field of view substantially on the APS-C sensor should be in the sweet spot for the lens at 17mm. But the lens at 28mm on a camera that is utilizing the entire field of view could have some issues in the corner, but it depends a lot on the lens. So, if that was you question, it really can't be answered without having all of the gear in ahnd and testing it for that specific case.

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